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Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms modify the association of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels with handgrip strength in the elderly in Northern China.

Influence of GSTP1 gene polymorhism on decreased semen quality

The analysis of pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenomic impact on gefitinib efficacy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients: results from a prospective cohort study.

Polymorphisms in MTHFR, MTR, RFC1 and CßS genes involved in folate metabolism and thyroid cancer: a case-control study

Expression Analysis of the PITX2 Gene and Associations between Its Polymorphisms and Body Size and Carcass Traits in Chickens

Antihypertensive Effect Of Amlodipine In Co-Administration With Omeprazole In Patients With Hypertension And Acid-Related Disorders: Cytochrome P450-Associated Aspects

Phylogenetic analysis of Ukrainian Bacillus anthracis strains from various sources

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