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Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within mechanical energy harvesting

Fabrication of Piezoelectric ZnO Nanowires Energy Harvester on Flexible Substrate Coated with Various Seed Layer Structures

Retraction: A bio-based piezoelectric nanogenerator for mechanical energy harvesting using nanohybrid of poly(vinylidene fluoride)

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within harvest mechanical energy

Porous, Multi-layered Piezoelectric Composites Based on Highly Oriented Pzt/pvdf Electrospinning Fibers for High-performance Piezoelectric Nanogenerators

Triangulated Cylinder Origami-Based Piezoelectric/Triboelectric Hybrid Generator to Harvest Coupled Axial and Rotational Motion

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within harvesting mechanical energy

Interface modulated 0-D piezoceramic nanoparticles/PDMS based piezoelectric composites for highly efficient energy harvesting application

Excellent high-temperature piezoelectric energy harvesting properties in flexible polyimide/3D PbTiO3 flower composites

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within poly vinylidene fluoride

Cube shaped FAPbBr3 for piezoelectric energy harvesting devices

Piezoelectric property investigation on PVDF/ZrO2/ZnO nanocomposite for energy harvesting application

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within attracted much attention

Flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator based on [P(VDF-HFP)]/ PANI-ZnS electrospun nanofibers for electrical energy harvesting

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within Flexible Piezoelectric Nanogenerator

Flexible nanogenerators for wearable electronic applications based on piezoelectric materials

Fabrication of Piezoelectric ZnO Nanowires Energy Harvester on Flexible Substrate Coated with Various Seed Layer Structures

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within Composite Piezoelectric Nanogenerator

Ba-doped ZnO nanorods: Efficient piezoelectric filler material for PDMS based flexible nanogenerator

Lead-free piezoelectric nanogenerator using lightweight composite films for harnessing biomechanical energy

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within Hybrid Piezoelectric Nanogenerator

Metal-Free Multilayer Hybrid PENG Based on Soft Electrospun/-Sprayed Membranes with Cardanol Additive for Harvesting Energy from Surgical Face Masks.

Characterization of hybrid piezoelectric nanogenerators through dynamic asymptotic homogenization

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within Stretchable Piezoelectric Nanogenerator

Flexible piezoelectric energy generators based on P(VDF-TrFE) nanofibers

High-Performance PZT-Based Stretchable Piezoelectric Nanogenerator

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within Performance Piezoelectric Nanogenerator

Interface induced performance enhancement in flexible BaTiO3/PVDF-TrFE based piezoelectric nanogenerators

Simulation study on piezoelectric characteristics of two-dimensional ZnO nanodiscs

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within Wearable Piezoelectric Nanogenerator

Enhanced energy harvesting ability of polydimethylsiloxane-BaTiO3-based flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator for tactile imitation application

Self-Powered and Soft Polymer MEMS/NEMS Devices

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within Improved Piezoelectric Nanogenerator

Understanding the Origin of Enhanced Piezoelectric Response in PVDF Matrices with Embedded ZnO Nanoparticles, from Polarizable Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Flexible hybrid structure piezoelectric nanogenerator based on ZnO nanorod/PVDF nanofibers with improved output

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within Polymer Piezoelectric Nanogenerator

Flexible and wearable piezoelectric nanogenerators based on P(VDF-TrFE)/SnS nanocomposite micropillar array

Thermodynamic approach to tailor porosity in piezoelectric polymer fibers for application in nanogenerators

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within Fabricating Piezoelectric Nanogenerator

Highly-Flexible Piezoelectric Nanogenerator based on BZT/PVDF-HFP for Mechanical Energy Harvesting

High-performance piezoelectric nanogenerator based on electrospun ZnO nanorods/P(VDF-TrFE) composite membranes for energy harvesting application

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples within piezoelectric nanogenerator device

Anisotropic Piezoelectric Response from InGaN Nanowires with Spatially Modulated Composition and Topography over a Textured Si(100) Substrate.

Elastic piezoelectric aerogels from isotropic and directionally ice-templated cellulose nanocrystals: comparison of structure and energy harvesting

A Feedback Control Strategy for Energy-Harvesting in Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication Systems

KNN based piezo-triboelectric lead-free hybrid energy films

Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of ZnO Nanorods Treated with Oxygen Plasma using Atomic Force Microscopy

Emerging artificial intelligence in piezoelectric and triboelectric nanogenerators

A flexible and lead-free BCZT thin film nanogenerator for biocompatible energy harvesting

Porosity modulated piezo-triboelectric hybridized nanogenerator for sensing small energy impacts

A simple and low-cost approach for the synthesis and fabrication of ZnO nanosheet-based nanogenerator for energy harvesting and sensing

Development of porous ZnO thin films for enhancing piezoelectric nanogenerators and force sensors

Flexible nanogenerator based on sponge-shaped piezoelectric composite

Highly Conductive Liquid Metal Electrode Based Stretchable Piezoelectric-Enhanced Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Harvesting Irregular Mechanical Energy

Investigation of the enhancement in the β-phase of PVDF as a function of MoSe2 concentration and its effect on the piezoelectric performance of the nanogenerator

Effect of variation of MoS2 concentration on the piezoelectric performance of PVDF-MoS2 based flexible nanogenerator

Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Energy Harvesting in Ocean: A Review on Application and Hybridization

Highly conductive liquid metal electrode based stretchable piezoelectric-enhanced triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting irregular mechanical energy

Piezoelectric property comparison of two-dimensional ZnO nanostructures for energy harvesting devices

Fabrication of Br doped ZnO nanosheets piezoelectric nanogenerator for pressure and position sensing applications

2D WS2 embedded PVDF nanocomposites for photosensitive piezoelectric nanogenerators with a colossal energy conversion efficiency of ∼25.6.

Characteristics of 2D ZnO-based piezoelectric nanogenerator and its application in non-destructive material discrimination

Graphene spin-coated electrode for polyacrylonitrile acoustic nanogenerators

PVDF microspheres@PLLA nanofibers-based hybrid tribo/piezoelectric nanogenerator with excellent electrical output properties


Particle Size Effect of Lanthanum-Modified Bismuth Titanate Ceramics on Ferroelectric Effect for Energy Harvesting

Enhanced piezoelectric performance of lead free BCZT based flexible nanogenerator

Self‐Powered Controllable Transdermal Drug Delivery System

2D Materials as Effective Cantilever Piezoelectric Nano Energy Harvesters

Progress in Piezoelectric Nanogenerators Based on PVDF Composite Films

Energy harvester using piezoelectric nanogenerator and electrostatic generator

Progress on Self-Powered Wearable and Implantable Systems Driven by Nanogenerators

Effect of Piezoelectric Phase on Electrical Properties of PDMS-Based Nanocomposites

Triboelectric Nanogenerators and Hybridized Systems for Enabling Next-Generation IoT Applications

Fabrication and applications of cellulose-based nanogenerators

Performance-enhanced flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator via layer-by-layer assembly for self-powered vagal neuromodulation

Piezoelectric nanogenerators with high performance against harsh conditions based on tunable N doped 4H-SiC nanowire arrays

Growth of ZnO Nanorods on ITO Film for Piezoelectric Nanogenerators

Electronic View of Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Energy Harvesting: Mechanisms and Applications

Piezoelectric properties of zinc oxide/iron oxide filled polyvinylidene fluoride nanocomposite fibers

Highly adjustable piezoelectric properties in two-dimensional LiAlTe2 by strain and stacking.

Superior transverse piezoelectricity in organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite nanorods for mechanical energy harvesting

Lead-free nanocomposite piezoelectric nanogenerator film for biomechanical energy harvesting

Energy scavenging luminescent piezo-fabrics: small silicon dots enable big electrical outputs

0.8BNT–0.2BKT ferroelectric-based multimode energy harvester for self-powered body motion sensors

Diversiform sensors and sensing systems driven by triboelectric and piezoelectric nanogenerators

Piezoelectric Nanogenerator Based on Lead-Free Flexible PVDF-Barium Titanate Composite Films for Driving Low Power Electronics

Two-Dimensional MOF Modulated Fiber Nanogenerator for Effective Acoustoelectric Conversion and Human Motion Detection.

Pyroelectric nanogenerators (PyNGs) in converting thermal energy into electrical energy: Fundamentals and current status

Energy harvesting from g-C3N4 piezoelectric nanogenerators

Enhancing Electrical Outputs of Piezoelectric Nanogenerators by Controlling the Dielectric Constant of ZnO/PDMS Composite

Technology evolution from micro-scale energy harvesters to nanogenerators

In-depth exploration of the synergistic interplay between perovskite barium titanate nanoparticles and two-dimensional graphene oxide for flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators

Data-driven learning of process−property−performance relation in laser-induced aqueous manufacturing and integration of ZnO piezoelectric nanogenerator for self-powered nanosensors

A Fully Self-Healing Piezoelectric Nanogenerator for Self-Powered Pressure Sensing Electronic Skin

Electrospun PVDF/PAN membrane for pressure sensor and sodium-ion battery separator

LiTaO3-Based Flexible Piezoelectric Nanogenerators for Mechanical Energy Harvesting.

Promoting smart cities into the 5G era with multi-field Internet of Things (IoT) applications powered with advanced mechanical energy harvesters

Making use of nanoenergy from human – Nanogenerator and self-powered sensor enabled sustainable wireless IoT sensory systems

Energy Harvesting Materials and Structures for Smart Textile Applications: Recent Progress and Path Forward

Review on ZnO-based piezotronics and piezoelectric nanogenerators: aspects of piezopotential and screening effect

Piezoelectric Properties of Zinc Oxide/Iron Oxide filled Polyvinylidene fluoride Nanocomposite Fibers

Recent Advances on Conducting Polymers Based Nanogenerators for Energy Harvesting

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Self-powered flexible tactile sensors

More Piezoelectric Nanogenerator sentence examples

N-butylamine-modified graphite nanoflakes blended in ferroelectric P(VDF-TrFE) copolymers for piezoelectric nanogenerators with high power generation efficiency

Shape-dependent in-plane piezoelectric response of SnSe nanowall/microspheres

Piezoelectricity and Flexoelectricity from an Energy Harvesting Perspective: Nanogenerators

Anisotropic Piezoelectric Response from InGaN Nanowires with Spatially Modulated Composition and Topography over a Textured Si(100) Substrate.

Lead-free and flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator based on CaBi4Ti4O15 Aurivillius oxides/ PDMS composites for efficient biomechanical energy harvesting

Coupling of interface effects and porous microstructures in translucent piezoelectric composites for enhanced energy harvesting and sensing

Optimization of ZnO Nanorods Concentration in a Micro-Structured Polymeric Composite for Nanogenerators

Piezoelectric nanogenerator based on flexible PDMS-BiMgFeCeO6 composites for sound detection and biomechanical energy harvesting

Microdevices for Cell Stimulation: Integrated Zinc Oxide Piezoelectric Nanostructures in Silicon Microparticles

Recent advances in cellulose-based piezoelectric and triboelectric nanogenerators for energy harvesting: a review

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