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Photocatalytic decontamination of toxic hexavalent chromium in water over graphitic carbon nitride supported sulfur nanoparticles

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State-of-the-art and prospects of Zn-containing layered double hydroxides (Zn-LDH)-based materials for photocatalytic water remediation.

Encapsulation of spinel CuCo2O4 hollow sphere in V2O5-decorated graphitic carbon nitride as high-efficiency double Z-type nanocomposite for levofloxacin photodegradation.

CuFe2O4/GNPs nanocomposites for symmetric supercapacitors and photocatalytic applications

Hydrothermal synthesis of brush-like ZnO NWAs@CC composites with enhanced photocatalytic and field emission performance

Adsorptive and photocatalytic behaviour of PANI/TiO2/metakaolin composites for the removal of xanthate from aqueous solution

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Recoverable and reusable visible-light photocatalytic performance of CVD grown atomically thin MoS2 films.

Catalytic decomposition of sulfamethazine antibiotic and pharmaceutical wastewater using Cu-TiO2@functionalized SWCNT ternary porous nanocomposite: Influential factors, mechanism, and pathway studies

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Photocatalytic Decontamination