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Representative co-design: Utilising a source of experiential knowledge for athlete development and performance preparation

Activity classification and analysis during sports training session using fuzzy model

The Effects of Soft Tissue Flossing on Hamstring Range of Motion and Lower Extremity Power

Performance Preparation, Anxiety, and the Teacher. Experiences of Adolescent Pianists

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How could process-oriented research approaches capture the interplay between training and competition in athlete performance preparation? The contribution of ecological dynamics

‘John Cage and the Concert for Piano and Orchestra’ Web Apps: Solo for Piano and Concert Player.

Flow and music performance: Professional musicians and music students’ views

The undervalued set piece: Analysis of soccer throw-ins during the English Premier League 2018–2019 season

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Clinical and Biomechanical Evaluation of the Softball Pitcher: A Review of Current Concepts and Clinical Commentary.

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