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Is low-input dairy farming more climate friendly? A meta-analysis of the carbon footprints of different production systems

Effect of rumen degradable protein in concentrate on cow performance with two grazing strategies in 2016 and 2017: feeding trials supplemental feeding with grazing

The Order of Grass and Maize Silage Supplementation Modifies Milk Yield, Grazing Behavior and Nitrogen Partitioning of Lactating Dairy Cows

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Pasture dry matter intake per cow in intensive dairy production systems: effects of grazing and feeding management.

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Supplementation strategies affect the feed intake and performance of grazing replacement heifers

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Influence of a feed additive containing vitamin B12 and yeast extract on milk production and body temperature of grazing dairy cows under high temperature-humidity index environment

Enzymes and/or combination of organic acid and essential oils supplementation in pasture‐fed free‐range laying hens increased the digestibility of nutrients and non‐starch polysaccharides

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Duration-controlled grazing of dairy cows. 1: Impacts on pasture growth, cow intakes and nutrient transfer

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The effect of different grazing conditions on the insulin and incretin response to the oral glucose test in ponies

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Intake, milk production and grazing behaviour responses of strip-grazing dairy goats to daily access time to pasture and to dehydrated lucerne supplementation

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The effect of pasture quantity temporal variation on milking robot utilization.

Grazing Preference of Dairy Cows and Pasture Productivity for Different Cultivars of Perennial Ryegrass under Contrasting Managements

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Intake, milk yield and grazing behaviour of strip-grazing Alpine dairy goats in response to daily pasture allowance.

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The effects of birth rank (single or twin) and dam age on the lifetime productive performance of female dual purpose sheep (Ovis aries) offspring in New Zealand

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