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[Minimally invasive arthrodesis of the sacroiliac joint (SIJ)].

Differences in femoral component subsidence rate after THA using an uncemented collarless femoral stem: full weight-bearing with an enhanced recovery rehabilitation versus partial weight-bearing

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Multi-Ligament Knee Injury with Concomitant Tibial Tubercle Fracture: A Challenging Case Report and Review of the Pertinent Literature

The effect of postoperative weight-bearing status on mortality rate following proximal femoral fractures surgery

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[Precise sacroiliac joint screw insertion without computed tomography, digital volume tomography or navigation systems].

[Isolated fracture of the lesser trochanter-What age-related differences are important?]

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Functional Outcome of Internal Fixation of Lisfranc Fractures

Weight-Bearing Estimation for Cane Users by Using Onboard Sensors

Unilateral external fixator as the primary and definitive treatment modality in type iii b open tibial fractures: A retrospective study

Influence of mobilization and weight bearing on in-hospital outcome in geriatric patients with hip fractures

[Anterolateral stabilization using the modified Lemaire technique for ACL deficiency].

Modulares Kniearthrodesesystem TITAN (KAM-TITAN) nach fehlgeschlagener Knieendoprothetik

[Modular arthrodesis system TITAN (KAM-TITAN) after failed revision total knee arthroplasty : Operative technique and clinical experience].

Fluoroscopically guided acetabular posterior column screw fixation via an anterior approach

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Plating System Design Determines Mechanical Environment in Long Bone Mid-shaft Fractures: A Finite Element Analysis

Charcot neuroarthropathy of the knee due to idiopathic sensory peripheral neuropathy

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Characterization of compliance to weight-bearing protocols and patient weight-bearing behavior during the recovery period in lower extremity fractures: a pilot study

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Surgical management of fracture neck of femur using ccs in patients aged more than 50 years

How accurate is partial weight bearing

Pediatric extremity bone sarcoma reconstruction with the vascularized fibula flap: Observational study assessing long-term functional outcomes, complications, and survival.

A Case Report -Bilateral Giant Achilles Tendon Xanthomas Resection with a Tendon transverse Technique

Weight-bearing restrictions reduce postoperative mobility in elderly hip fracture patients

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Partial Weight Bearing