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Forecasting Remote Atmospheric Responses to Decadal Kuroshio Stability Transitions

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G-RUN ENSEMBLE: A multi-forcing observation-based global runoff reanalysis

Reconstructing three-dimensional densities from two-dimensional observations of molecular gas

Properties of Polarized Synchrotron Emission from Fluctuation Dynamo Action—II. Effects of Turbulence Driving in the ICM and Beam Smoothing

Uncovering the Source of Patrimonial Voting: Evidence from Swedish Twin Pairs

Extended Hernquist-Springel formalism for cosmic star formation

JULES-CN: a coupled terrestrial carbon–nitrogen scheme (JULES vn5.1)

Dating individual quasars with the He ii proximity effect

A Proteogenomic Signature of Age-related Macular Degeneration in Blood

Effects of adiposity on the human plasma proteome: observational and Mendelian randomisation estimates

El Niño teleconnection to the Euro-Mediterranean late-winter: the role of extratropical Pacific modulation

Teacher Praise and Reprimand: Examining the Generalizability and Dependability of Observational Estimates

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Reduced global warming from CMIP6 projections when weighting models by performance and independence

Understanding Uncertainty of Snow Radiative Transfer Modeling Within a Mixed Deciduous and Evergreen Forest

Evaluation of sea-ice thickness from four reanalyses in the Antarctic Weddell Sea

Evaluation of the Tail of the Probability Distribution of Daily and Subdaily Precipitation in CMIP6 Models

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Tornado-like vortices in the quasi-cyclostrophic regime of Coriolis-centrifugal convection

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Reconstructing the surface temperature fields of the Last Glacial Maximum and mid-Pliocene Warm Period using climate models and data.

L-GALAXIES 2020: The evolution of radial metallicity profiles and global metallicities in disc galaxies

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Body muscle gain and markers of cardiovascular disease susceptibility in young adulthood: A cohort study

The IMF and multiplicity of stars from gravity, turbulence, magnetic fields, radiation, and outflow feedback

Validating the Land-Atmosphere Coupling Behavior in Weather and Climate Models Using Observationally-Based Global Products

Observational constraints reduce estimates of the global mean climate relevance of black carbon

Effects of Metallicity on Mode Switching in Cepheids

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Implied ocean heat transport in CMIP6 models

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Modeling the physical drivers of the decadal variability of the Southern Ocean carbon uptake

On the Estimation of Deep Atlantic Ventilation from Fossil Radiocarbon Records. I. Modern Reference Estimates

Inference of magnetic field strength and density from damped transverse coronal waves

Frozen fringe explains sediment freeze-on during Heinrich events

Is the dark-matter halo spin a predictor of galaxy spin and size?

JCMT POL-2 and ALMA polarimetric observations of 6000-100 au scales in the protostar B335: linking magnetic field and gas kinematics in observations and MHD simulations

Extreme sea levels in the Baltic Sea under climate change scenarios – Part 1: Model validation and sensitivity

Characterising the seasonal and geographical variability in tropospheric ozone, stratospheric influence and recent changes

Description and evaluation of NorESM1-F: a fast version of the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM)

The evolution of sizes and specific angular momenta in hierarchical models of galaxy formation and evolution

Stochastic modelling of star-formation histories I: the scatter of the star-forming main sequence

East Asian Summer Atmospheric Moisture Transport and Its Response to Interannual Variability of the West Pacific Subtropical High: An Evaluation of the Met Office Unified Model

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The Global Overturning Circulation.

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Weather Within Climate: Sub-seasonal Predictability of Tropical Daily Rainfall Characteristics

The New Numerical Galaxy Catalogue (ν2GC): properties of active galactic nuclei and their host galaxies

Morphology and star formation in IllustrisTNG: the buildup of spheroids and discs.

Shape of dark matter haloes in the Illustris simulation: effects of baryons

Efficacy of early stellar feedback in low gas surface density environments

Extreme sea levels in the Baltic Sea under climate change scenarios – Part 1: Model validation and sensitivity

The star formation activity of IllustrisTNG galaxies: main sequence, UVJ diagram, quenched fractions, and systematics

Radial Pulsations of Stars at the Stage of the Final Helium Flash

Low-Temperature Plasticity in Olivine: Grain Size, Strain Hardening, and the Strength of the Lithosphere

A nearby neutron-star merger explains the actinide abundances in the early Solar System

Madden–Julian Oscillation Enhances Phytoplankton Biomass in the Maritime Continent

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Mass balance of the ice sheets and glaciers – progress since AR5 and challenges

Thermal evolution and quiescent emission of transiently accreting neutron stars

Simulating the atmospheric response to the 11-year solar cycle forcing with the UM-UKCA model: the role of detection method and natural variability

Quantifying uncertainty in European climate projections using combined performance-independence weighting

Potential sources of invalidity when using teacher value-added and principal observational estimates: artificial inflation, deflation, and conflation

Slowing down of cosmic growth of supermassive black holes: theoretical prediction of the Eddington ratio distribution

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