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Securing Participant Engagement in Longitudinal Substance Use Disorder Recovery Research: A Qualitative Exploration of Key Retention Factors

Application of adverse outcome pathway networks to integrate mechanistic data informing the choice of a point of departure for hydrogen sulfide exposure limits

Do pooled estimates from meta-analyses of observational epidemiology studies contribute to causal inference?

Using observational epidemiology to evaluate COVID-19 vaccines: integrating traditional methods with new data sources and tools

‘Eat like animals: what nature teaches us about the science of healthy eating’. David Raubenheimer and Stephen Simpson

Examining the possible causal relationship between lung function, COPD and Alzheimer’s disease: a Mendelian randomisation study

Survival After Islet Transplantation in Subjects With Type 1 Diabetes: Twenty-Year Follow-Up

Incidence and burden of Staphylococcus aureus infection after orthopedic surgeries.

Nutritional Status in Patients with Acute heart failure: A systematic review and meta-analysis with trial sequential analysis.

Control yourself: ISPE‐endorsed guidance in the application of self‐controlled study designs in pharmacoepidemiology

Limitations and Misinterpretations of E-Values for Sensitivity Analyses of Observational Studies

A cluster-randomized crossover trial of organic diet impact on biomarkers of exposure to pesticides and biomarkers of oxidative stress/inflammation in primary school children

Epidemiology, genetic epidemiology and Mendelian randomisation: more need than ever to attend to detail

Genetic instrumental variable analysis: time to call mendelian randomization what it is. The example of alcohol and cardiovascular disease

Umbrella reviews: what they are and why we need them

Long-Term Exposure to Ozone and Cardiopulmonary Mortality: Epidemiology Strikes Again

The Future of Observational Epidemiology: Improving Data and Design to Align With Population Health.

A Future for Observational Epidemiology: Clarity, Credibility, Transparency.

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