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Observational Cross Sectional sentence examples within tertiary care hospital

Proportion and predictors of SMBG use among type 2 diabetic subjects in three tertiary care hospitals in Dhaka City

Tear Film Changes in Type II Diabetes Mellitus with and without Diabetic Retinopathy

Observational Cross Sectional sentence examples within self administered questionnaire

Are primary care physicians aware of peripheral artery disease risk reduction and management in the Saudi healthcare transformation era? A health cluster observational study.

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Mental Health of Nurses and Auxiliary Nursing Care Technicians—A Voluntary Online Survey

Observational Cross Sectional sentence examples within risk factors associated

Group B streptococcal colonization in elderly women

Co-infection with Trypanosoma congolense and Trypanosoma brucei is a significant risk factor for cerebral trypanosomosis in the equid population of the Gambia.

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Observational Cross Sectional sentence examples within acute myocardial infarction

Features of Changes in the Structural and Functional State of the Myocardium in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction Depending on Body Mass Index Considering FABP4 and CTRP3 Levels

Observational Cross Sectional sentence examples within body mass index

Relationship between body mass index and cholesterol levels with histopathological grading of breast cancer.

Observational Cross Sectional sentence examples within secondary attack rate

Contact Tracing of COVID -19 Cases for Early Detection of Infection in Tertiary Care Hospital, Pune

Observational Cross Sectional sentence examples within Prospective Observational Cross Sectional

Distribution of RH and Kell (K) blood group antigens among blood donors in a tertiary care hospital of Jammu region, India

A clinical study of prevalence of metabolic syndrome in psoriasis patients: a prospective cross-sectional observational study at a tertiary care centre in South India

Observational Cross Sectional sentence examples within observational cross sectional study

Study of external and internal injuries to the neck structure in cases of hanging

Incidence of Stone Retropulsion in Ureteroscopic Pneumatic Lithotripsy for lower ureteric stones by using stone cone.

Observational Cross Sectional sentence examples within observational cross sectional design

Aplikasi Health Belief Model pada Perilaku Mahasiswi Kesehatan Masyarakat dalam Pemeriksaan Payudara Sendiri (SADARI)

Comparation between slow frequency quantitative eeg and nihss in acute ischaemic stroke

Observational Cross Sectional sentence examples within observational cross sectional analytic

Hubungan Antara Obesitas dengan Penurunan Fungsi Faal Paru Pada Polisi Wanita di Polda Jawa Timur

Determinant of Latent Pulmonary Tuberculosis Incidence among Health Workers in Community Health Centers in Surabaya, Indonesia

Observational Cross Sectional sentence examples within observational cross sectional approach


Potensi Penyakit Penyerta Pada Pengobatan Pasien Diabetes Mellitus Perspektif Terhadap Antidiabetik Oral

Associations of insulin-induced lipodystrophy in children, adolescents, and young adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus using recombinant human insulin: a cross-sectional study

Awareness and perception of epidural labor analgesia among pregnant women visiting antenatal clinic in National Referral Hospital

The Safety and Effectiveness of Pharmacotherapy for Opioid-Overdose Induced Aspiration Pneumonia in a Referral Poisoning Management University Hospital in Iran

A cross-sectional observational study assessing the liver function in malarial patients

Cytokine signaling pathway in cystic fibrosis: expression of SOCS and STATs genes in different clinical phenotypes of the disease.

Dysphonia Risk Screening Protocol for Musical Theatre Actors: a preliminary study.

[Vitamin D insufficiency in a healthy pediatric population. The importance of early prophylaxis].

Migraine during COVID-19: Data from Second Wave Pandemic in an Italian Cohort

Group B streptococcal colonization in elderly women

Mental health and its association with coping strategies and intolerance of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic among the general population in Saudi Arabia: cross-sectional study

A study of vasospasm in traumatic brain injury with subarachnoid hemorrhage

Posterior Vitreous Detachment in Normal Healthy Subjects Younger Than Age Twenty.

Association between abuse and neglect with functional constipation and irritable bowel syndrome in adolescents

Early and Mid-Term Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Physical, Behavioral and Mental Health of Healthcare Professionals: The CoPE-HCP Study Protocol

Mental and Behavioural Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence: An Observational Study

Comparison of Clinical Assessment and Adhesive-Tape Laboratory Microscopic of Sarcoptes scabiei for Scabies Diagnostic

Associations between the metabolic status of the cow and the colostrum quality as determined by Brix refractometry.

Co-infection with Trypanosoma congolense and Trypanosoma brucei is a significant risk factor for cerebral trypanosomosis in the equid population of the Gambia.

Bilingualism as a protective factor in aphasia.

Incidence and complications of retained lens fragment in the anterior chamber after uneventful cataract surgery in a United Kingdom tertiary center.

Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension risk score evaluation and validation (CTEPH Solution): proposal of a study protocol aimed to realize a validated risk score for early diagnosis.

Edmonton Obesity Staging System: an improvement by cardiopulmonary exercise testing

Assessment of Morphological and Morphometrical Variations of Sacral Hiatus in Dry Human Sacrum in Ethiopia

The changes of Lp-PLA2 in patients with gestational diabetes and its clinical significance

East surgical ward enteric perforation score: a new statistically valid scoring criteria for decision between repair or ileostomy in patients with peritonitis due to enteric perforation

Quality of Life Impact and Special Issues in Women with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Psychological Distress and Post-Traumatic Symptomatology among Dental Healthcare Workers in Russia: Results of a Pilot Study

Divergent patterns of confrontation with death using the Anticipated Farewell to Existence Questionnaire (AFEQT): a cross-sectional comparative study of four samples with increasing proximity to death

Red Cell Distribution Width and Mean Platelet Volume in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients: Its Association With Disease Activity.

Menstrual Distress Questionnaire (MEDI-Q): a new tool to assess menstruation-related distress

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Пилотный проект по изучению тропонина I в представительной выборке одного из регионовучастников исследования ЭССЕ-РФ: распределение в популяции и ассоциации с факторами риска

Association Between Blood Pressure Classification Using the 2017 ACC/AHA Blood Pressure Guideline and Retinal Atherosclerosis.


What Proportion of the Caseload at Dermatology Outpatient Clinics in Spain Do Skin Tumors Account for? Results from the DIADERM National Random Sampling Project

Knowledge, perception and attitudes toward epilepsy among medical students at King Abdulaziz University

Lack of Awareness of the Impact of Improperly Disposed Of Medications and Associated Factors: A Cross-Sectional Survey in Indonesian Households

The Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Metabolic Control and Access to Healthcare in People with Diabetes: the CONFI-DIAB Cross-Sectional Study

Epidemiological factors influencing gender preference among mothers attending under-five immunization clinic: A cross-sectional comparative study

Biomarker Potential of Preoperative Tumor Size in Determination of the Lymphovascular Invasion in Squamous Cell Lung Cancer and Lung Adenocarcinoma

Evidence of Stability in Patient-Reported Global Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Is perceived social support more important than visual acuity for clinical depression and anxiety in patients with age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy?

Impact of Inflammation on Atrial Fibrillation in patients with Metabolic Syndrome

Prevalence of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Its Association With Atherosclerotic Plaques in a Cohort of Subjects With Mild-Moderate Cardiovascular Risk.

Quality of care for peripheral intravenous catheters (PIVCs) in Nepal: a cross-sectional study on feasibility and inter-rater agreement of the Peripheral Intravenous Catheters-mini Questionnaire (PIVC-miniQ) in a tertiary care hospital

Pattern of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings in Lumbar Spine Pathologies and its Correlation with Demographic Variables in Rivers State

Study of Platelet Indices and Their Interpretation in Thrombocytopenia in a Tertiary Care Hospital

COVID-19 Impacts on Perinatal Care and Maternal Mental Health: A Geotemporal Analysis of Healthcare Disruptions and Emotional Well-Being Across the United States

Nivel de conocimiento y conducta de docentes de educación escolar básica de escuelas públicas frente a casos de avulsión y fractura dentaria

How face masks influence the sinonasal quality of life during the COVID-19 pandemic

C-reactive protein in a naturalistic sample of inpatients with major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder

The Impact of Covid19 Pandemic, Financial Wellness, and Online Teaching on The Mental Health of Lebanese Schoolteachers

Nonlinear association of nurse staffing and readmissions uncovered in machine learning analysis.

Prediction Equation for Spirometric Parameters in Cairo Governorate Adult Population

Salud bucal en nativos Maká de 12 a 15 años, Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay

Effect of Displacement on Adherence to TB Treatment: An Observational Study in TB Patients from Internally Displaced Persons of Pakistan

Towards a medical school curriculum for uncertainty in clinical practice

Validity and Reliability of the Hindi Version of the Patient Assessment of Constipation Quality of Life Questionnaire in Cancer Patients on Opioids for Pain Management at Tertiary Care Center, India

[Prevalence of dermatological diseases in Primary Care].

Сomparision of retinal nerve fibre layer defects in glaucomatous and normal fellow eyes of glaucomatous patients: an OCT based study

If I told you that there is no need for yellow fever vaccine booster would you still come to the travel clinic?: a cross-sectional study

Stigma about mental disease in Portuguese medical students: a cross-sectional study

Evaluation of Lymph Nodes Adequacy in Patients with Colorectal Cancer: Results from a Referral Center in Iran

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Type of antihypertensive medications in CKD-stage V patients on hemodialysis and its relationship with demographic variables: an observational study

Refractive Error in Juvenile Patients Presenting with Nystagmus at Tertiary Care Hospital of Karachi


Comparative study of risk factors in young adults and elderly stroke patients in Sudan

A Comparative Study of Polydioxanone (PDS) and Polyglactin (Vicryl) in Hypospadias Repair

The Role of Resilience and Basic Hope in the Adherence to Dietary Recommendations in the Polish Population during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Impact of night shifts on sleeping patterns, psychosocial and physical well-being among healthcare professionals: a cross-sectional study in a tertiary hospital in Saudi Arabia

[Prevalence and associated factors of frailty in adults over 70 years in the community].

Proportion and predictors of SMBG use among type 2 diabetic subjects in three tertiary care hospitals in Dhaka City

Psychological factors influencing emotional reactions to gestational trophoblastic disease: The role of coping mechanisms and illness perception.

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The correlation of Singh index and cortical thickness index toward bone mineral density in women older than 60 years old with femoral neck fracture

Nutritional status of children and adolescents in three Serbian enclaves in Kosovo and Metohija

Gender- and age-related differences in the width of attached gingiva and clinical crown length in anterior teeth

Hepatitis C reinfection in former and active injecting drug users in Belgium

Second Victim Support Structures in Anaesthesia: a Cross-Sectional Survey in Belgian Anaesthesiologists.

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