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Design of multi-channel bypass magnetorheological damper with three working modes

Nonlinear Magneto-Electro-Mechanical Response of Physical Cross-Linked Magneto-Electric Polymer Gel

A novel magnetorheological fluid damper with a heat insulation function

Analysis of the surface roughness for novel magnetorheological finishing of a typical blind hole workpiece

Recent progress on the simulation technology of magnetic fluid

The field-dependent rheological properties of plate-like carbonyl iron particle-based magnetorheological elastomers

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Rapidly Fabricated Microneedle Arrays Using Magnetorheological Drawing Lithography for Transdermal Drug Delivery.

Development of a novel magnetorheological fluids transmission device for high-power applications

Magnetorheological finishing of an irregular-shaped small-bore complex component using a small ball-end permanent-magnet polishing head

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