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Ultra-light dark matter

Radiative MHD simulations of photon bubbles in radiation-supported magnetized atmospheres of neutron stars with isotropic Thomson scattering

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Explicit and traveling wave solutions of the non-linear couple Drinfeld-Sokolov-Wilson dynamical system arising in shallow water waves

Non-Linear Evaluation Model to Analyze Saturation Flow under Weak-Lane-Disciplined Mixed Traffic Stream

On the non-axisymmetric fragmentation of rings generated by the secular gravitational instability

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Thalamic morphology predicts the onset of freezing of gait in Parkinson’s disease

A Kinetic Study of the Saturation of the Bell Instability

Forecasting and Analysis Tools for Regional Industries’ Dynamics

Diverse Novel Stable Traveling Wave Solutions of the Advanced or Voltage Spectrum of Electrified Transmission Through Fractional Non-linear Model

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New Exact Solutions of (2+1)-Dimensional vDJKM and (3+1)-Dimensional BLMP Equations

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Seismic properties across an amphibolite- to greenschist-facies strain gradient (Neves area, eastern Alps, Italy): New considerations for shear zone imaging

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Port-Hamiltonian modelling of fluid dynamics models with variable cross-section

Trapped particle instability in : I homogeneous Vlasov plasmas

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Complex patterns of schist tor exposure and surface uplift, Otago (New Zealand)

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Interfacial phase change effect on a viscous falling film having odd viscosity down an inclined plane

Planet-driven density waves in protoplanetary discs: Numerical verification of non-linear evolution theory

Foreshock cavitons and spontaneous hot flow anomalies: A statistical study with a global hybrid-Vlasov simulation

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Investigation of gasification kinetics of multi-component waste mixtures in a novel thermogravimetric flow reactor via gas analysis.

A non-linear discrete-time dynamical system related to epidemic SISI model

Controlled turbulence regime of electron cyclotron resonance ion source for improved multicharged ion performance

Lie symmetry analysis, optimal system, and new exact solutions of a (3 + 1) dimensional nonlinear evolution equation

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Rényi free energy and variational approximations to thermal states

Global Positioning System (GPS) Scintillation Associated with a Polar Cap Patch

The Next Normal for Marketing — The Dynamics of a Pandemic, Provisioning Systems, and the Changing Patterns of Daily Life

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Physical evidence of swelling as the cause of anomalous capillary water uptake by cementitious materials

Violence, trafic de drogue et sécurité publique au Mexique

Anomalous Decay and Decoherence in Atomic Gases

Research on non-linear characteristics of rock energy evolution under uniaxial cyclic loading and unloading conditions

Chromosome level assembly and comparative genome analysis confirm lager-brewing yeasts originated from a single hybridization

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Fully relativistic treatment of decaying cold dark matter in $N$-body simulations

Innovative Techniques to Address the Non-linearity of the Large Scale Structure of the Universe

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Hydrodynamization Time Near a Critical Point From a Holographic Bjorken Flow

Nonlinear evolution of the centrifugal instability using a semi-linear model

Non-linear evolution of instabilities between dust and sound waves

The Estimates L 1 - L ∞ for the Reduced Radial Equation of Schrödinger

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Parameter identifiability of ductile fracture criterion for DP steels using bi-level reduced surrogate model

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Theoretical wind clumping predictions of OB supergiants from line-driven instability simulations across the bi-stability jump.

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Percolation behavior of Ag in Ge16Sb12Se72 glassy matrix and its impact on corresponding ionic conductivity

Trialectics in Michael McCarthy’s Dismantling Solidarity

Inverse scattering transform for a supersymmetric Korteweg-de Vries equation

Nonlinear Dynamics of the Cold Atom Analog False Vacuum

Precision theoretical methods for large-scale structure of the Universe

Global simulations of Tayler instability in stellar interiors: the stabilizing effect of gravity

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Building Information Infrastructures for Smart Cities: The e-CODEX Infrastructure and API for Justice Project Experiences

Evolution and characteristics of forced shear flows in polytropic atmospheres: large and small Péclet number regimes

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GFiRe: a Gauge Field integrator for Reheating

Alcock-Paczynski Test with the Evolution of Redshift-Space Galaxy Clustering Anisotropy

Large-scale structure with cold dark matter

Mechanisms, Upscaling, and Prediction of Anomalous Dispersion in Heterogeneous Porous Media

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