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Recommendations for designing and analysing multi-arm non-inferiority trials: a review of methodology and current practice

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The effects of Glucagon Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) on cardiac remodelling: exploring the role of medication and physiological modulation after metabolic surgery: a narrative review.

Improving the reporting of non-inferiority trials by incorporating non-efficacy benefits: not all on-inferiority trials are created equal

Confidence interval of risk difference by different statistical methods and its impact on the study conclusion in antibiotic non-inferiority trials

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Axillary surgery in node-positive breast cancer.

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Testing for non-inferior mortality: a systematic review of non-inferiority margin sizes and trial characteristics

Are antifungal non-inferiority trials at risk of eroding effectiveness because of bio-creep? A secondary analysis of a systematic review.

COVID-19 vaccine trials: The potential for “hybrid” analyses

Choosing and changing the analysis scale in non-inferiority trials with a binary outcome.

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Abstract PS11-23: Current landscape in phase 3 trials in breast cancer at major oncology conferences

Surgical clinical trials with non-inferiority design: a cross-sectional bibliometric analysis.

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Antibody titers measured by commercial assays are correlated with neutralizing antibody titers calibrated by international standards

Intention-to-treat analysis may be more conservative than per protocol analysis in antibiotic non-inferiority trials: a systematic review

Clinical trial preparations for the next pandemic

Rapid Review on the Effectiveness of Telehealth Interventions for the Treatment of Behavioral Health Disorders.

The Introduction of Medication-Free Mental Health Services in Norway: An Analysis of the Framing and Impact of Arguments From Different Standpoints

Superiority, Non-inferiority, Equivalence Test, and Innovative Equivalence Test

COVID-19 vaccine trials: The use of active controls and non-inferiority studies

[Biostatistical Methods for Understanding the Principle of Randomized Controlled Trials].

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Non-inferiority versus superiority trial design for new antibiotics in an era of high antimicrobial resistance: the case for post-marketing, adaptive randomised controlled trials.

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Comparison of faculty versus structured peer-feedback for acquisitions of basic and intermediate-level surgical skills.

The limitations of equivalence and non-inferiority trials.

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The COMET (Comparison of Operative versus Monitoring and Endocrine Therapy) trial: a phase III randomised controlled clinical trial for low-risk ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

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Non-inferiority Randomized Controlled Trials

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Futility stopping in non-inferiority trials

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Statistical considerations in the design and analysis of non-inferiority trials with binary endpoints in the presence of non-adherence: a simulation study

Imbalance in glycemic control between the treatment and placebo groups in cardiovascular outcome trials in type 2 diabetes

Should fast breathing pneumonia cases be treated with antibiotics? The scientific rationale for revisiting management in Low and Middle income countries

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Economic evaluations in ‘non-inferiority’ trials: can costs guide decisions between surgical and non-surgical interventions?

Evidence-based sizing of non-inferiority trials using decision models

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News in surgery of patients with early breast cancer.

Treatment of anorexia nervosa: is it lacking power?

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Drug-eluting or bare-metal stents for percutaneous coronary intervention: a systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials

A Bayesian non-inferiority approach using experts’ margin elicitation – application to the monitoring of safety events

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A note on the determination of non-inferiority margins with application in oncology clinical trials☆

Pulmonary rehabilitation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Has it peaked?

Development of New Antimicrobials for Urogenital Gonorrhea Therapy: Clinical Trial Design Considerations.

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A Bayesian Constancy-Enforced Non-Inferiority Design in Medical Device Trials with a Binary Endpoint


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Ruling out risks in medical research

Overview of randomised controlled trials in orthopaedic research: search for significant findings

Tomorrow’s HIV Prevention Trials of Vaccines and Antibodies

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Non-Inferiority Designed Cardiovascular Trials in Highest-Impact Journals: Main Findings, Methodological Quality and Time Trends.

Are claims of non-inferiority of Internet and computer-based cognitive-behavioural therapy compared with in-person cognitive-behavioural therapy for adults with anxiety disorders supported by the evidence from head-to-head randomised controlled trials? A systematic review

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