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On the Formation of Tropopause Folds and Constituent Gradient Enhancement Near Westerly Jets

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Dispersive Model for Undular Hydraulic Jump Behind a Weir

High-resolution dynamically downscaled rainfall and temperature projections for ecological life zones within Puerto Rico and for the US Virgin Islands.

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Non-hydrostatic model for internal wave generations and propagations using immersed boundary method

The Challenge in the Management of Historic Trees in Urban Environments during Climate Change: The Case of Corso Trieste (Rome, Italy)

Interactions of Solitary Wave with a Submerged Step: Experiments and Simulations

Modeling Tsunamis Generated by Submarine Landslides at Stromboli Volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy): A Numerical Benchmark Study

A three-dimensional non-hydrostatic model for tsunami waves generated by submarine landslides

A weakly non-hydrostatic shallow model for dry granular flows

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Efficient two-layer non-hydrostatic wave model with accurate dispersive behaviour

Modelling hydrodynamics of fast tidal stream around a promontory headland

Gravel Barrier Beach Morphodynamic Response to Extreme Conditions

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An introduction to the ULTIMATE project in Japan

Evaluating the influence of slope limiters on nearshore wave simulation in a non-hydrostatic model

The Effectiveness of Cool and Green Roofs as Urban Heat Island Mitigation Strategies: A Case Study

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