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Sectoral Capital Flows: Covariates, Co-movements, and Controls

COVID-19 and the Credit Cycle: 2020 Revisited and 2021 Outlook

Interest rate pass through in the deposit and loan products provided by Greek banks

Measuring the deadly embrace: Systemic and sovereign risks

Spanish non-financial corporations and the COVID pandemic: vulnerability, resilience and transformation

Dividend Policy, Firms’ Characteristics and the Impact on the Southeast Asian Firms’ Value

Analysing sectoral capital flows

Equity Home Bias When Firms are Indebted

Conditions in China’s corporate sector

More Non Financial Corporate sentence examples

The Corporate Saving Glut and the Current Account in Germany

More Non Financial Corporate sentence examples

Quantifying the vulnerabilities of China’s corporate sector with contingent claims

Assessing Trends and Risks of US Dollar Corporate Bonds in the EMEAP Region

Non-Financial Corporate Credit and Recessions

Why Do Institutional Investors Buy Green Bonds: Evidence from a Survey of European Asset Managers

The Core, the Periphery, and the Disaster: Corporate-Sovereign Nexus in COVID-19 Times

COVID Response: The Primary and Secondary Corporate Credit Facilities

COVID 19 and credit cycle: Evidence for Bulgaria

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