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An experimental study on the role of inter-particle friction in the shear-thinning behavior of non-Brownian suspensions.

A review of the second normal-stress difference; its importance in various flows, measurement techniques, results for various complex fluids and theoretical predictions

Cross-linked polymer microparticles with tunable surface properties by the combination of suspension free radical copolymerization and Click chemistry.

Evolution of granular materials under isochoric cyclic simple shearing.

Viscous resuspension of non-Brownian particles: determination of the concentration profiles and particle normal stresses

Thermodynamics of shear-induced phase transition of polydisperse soft particle glasses

Simulation of dense non-Brownian suspensions with the lattice Boltzmann method: shear jammed and fragile states.

Interparticle Friction Leads to Nonmonotonic Flow Curves and Hysteresis in Viscous Suspensions

Shear thinning in non-Brownian suspensions explained by variable friction between particles

Erodible, granular beds are fragile.

On the mixing enhancement in concentrated non-colloidal neutrally buoyant suspensions of rigid particles using helical coiled and chaotic twisted pipes: A numerical investigation

The role of friction in the yielding of adhesive non-Brownian suspensions

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Non Brownian Suspensions