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Nitrogen abundance in the X-ray halos of clusters and groups of galaxies

Formation of N-rich field stars in the high-density building blocks of the Galactic bulge

Multiple stellar populations of globular clusters from homogeneous Ca--CN photometry. III. NGC 6752

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Hubble Space Telescope photometry of multiple stellar populations in the inner parts of NGC 2419

The Physical Origin of the Venus Low Atmosphere Chemical Gradient

More Nitrogen Abundances sentence examples

Partitioning of nitrogen during melting and recycling in subduction zones and the evolution of atmospheric nitrogen

Electron Densities and Nitrogen Abundances in Ionized Gas Derived Using [NII] Fine-structure and Hydrogen Recombination lines.

Photospheric nitrogen abundances and carbon 12C/13C ratios of red giant stars.

IFU spectroscopy of southern PNe - VII. Photoionization modelling of intermediate excitation class objects

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Nitrogen Abundances