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Personalisation in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems: A Multi-stakeholder aware Recommendation and Guidance

Artificial intelligence and mass personalization of communication content—An ethical and literacy perspective

Evaluating Hierarchical Medical Workflows using Feature Importance

Engaging multi-stakeholder perspectives to identify dementia care research priorities

A multi-stakeholder multicriteria decision analysis for the reimbursement of orphan drugs (FinMHU-MCDA study)

Multi-faceted impact and outcome of COVID-19 on smallholder agricultural systems: Integrating qualitative research and fuzzy cognitive mapping to explore resilient strategies

Pharmacogenomic-based Personalized Medicine: Multi-Stakeholder Perspectives on Implementational Drivers and Barriers in the Canadian Healthcare System.

A socioecological framework for engaging substance-using pregnant persons in research: Multi-stakeholder perspectives.

The Mediating of Institutional Trust on Corporate Image and Customer Trust in Iraqi Banking Sector

Introduction to the special issue – Digital business models: A multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder perspective

Perceived Facilitators of and Barriers to Implementation of a Decision Support Tool for Adolescent Depression and Suicidality Screening: Focus Group and Interview Study.

Using Assessment Design Decision Framework in understanding the impact of rapid transition to remote education on student assessment in health-related colleges: A qualitative study

Stakeholder perspectives to improve risk management in European farming systems

A theory of HR co-creation

Learning Goals of Professional Development Programs at Science Research Institutions: A Delphi Study with Different Stakeholder Groups

A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective on Food Labelling for Environmental Sustainability: Attitudes, Perceived Barriers, and Solution Approaches towards the “Traffic Light Index”

Health system preparedness & community participation in Japanese encephalitis/acute encephalitis syndrome (JE/AES) prevention in a tribal district of Odisha, India

Managing plastic packaging waste in emerging economies: The case of EPR in India.

Multi-stakeholder perspectives in defining health services quality indicators and dimensions: a concept mapping based comparison for cataract care between Singapore and The Netherlands

Multi-stakeholder perspective of courier service quality in B2C e-commerce

Creating a Taxonomy of Business Models for Data Marketplaces

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Marketing for Social Good—An Ethical Perspective

Balancing Legitimacy in a Context of Nonprofit-Business Hybridity: The Case of the Flemish Wellbeing and Social Economy Sector

Assessing barriers to reuse of electrical and electronic equipment, a UK perspective

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