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The influence of liver fluke infection on production in sheep and cattle: a meta-analysis.

A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of EMDR and TF-CBT in Reducing Trauma Symptoms and Externalizing Behavior Problems in Adolescents.

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The heritability of reading and reading-related neurocognitive components: A multi-level meta-analysis

Trauma exposure and mental health of prisoners and ex-prisoners: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Quantifying crop pollinator dependence and its heterogeneity using multi‐level meta‐analysis

Revisiting the effectiveness of study abroad language programs: A multi-level meta-analysis

Nitrogen Fertilisation Increases Specific Root Respiration in Ectomycorrhizal but Not in Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Plants: A Meta-Analysis

Downsizing food: A systematic review and meta-analysis examining the effect of reducing served food portion sizes on daily energy intake and body weight

The relationship between primary human needs of the Good Lives Model (GLM) and subjective well-being in adolescents: A multi-level meta-analysis

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