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A Multi-Environment Trial Analysis of Frost Susceptibility in Wheat and Barley Under Australian Frost-Prone Field Conditions

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Классификация сред на основе коэффициентов корреляции урожайности сортов мягкой яровой пшеницы

Genomic Selection in Sugarcane: Current Status and Future Prospects

Multi-omics prediction of oat agronomic and seed nutritional traits across environments and in distantly related populations

Implementation of a Generalized Additive Model (GAM) for Soybean Maturity Prediction in African Environments

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Genotype-specific P-spline response surfaces assist interpretation of regional wheat adaptation to climate change

Genotype × Environment Interaction of Yield and Grain Quality Traits of Maize Hybrids in Greece

Development of an Australian Bread Wheat Nested Association Mapping Population, A New Genetic Diversity Resource for Breeding under Dry and Hot Climates

High-Throughput Phenotyping and Random Regression Models Reveal Temporal Genetic Control of Soybean Biomass Production

Genotyping crossing parents and family bulks can facilitate cost-efficient genomic prediction strategies in small-scale line breeding programs

Models for optimizing selection based on adaptability and stability of cotton genotypes

Identification of drought tolerant Chickpea genotypes through multi trait stability index

Identification of salt-tolerant barley genotypes using multiple-traits index and yield performance at the early growth and maturity stages

Leveraging probability concepts for genotype by environment recommendation

Projecting results of zoned multi-environment trials to new locations using environmental covariates with random coefficient models: accuracy and precision

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Assessment of Quantitative Traits of Rajma Bean (Phaseoulus vulgaris L.) Accessions for Yield and Yield Attributing Traits in Multi-Environments of Nepal

Structuring Genotype X Environment Interaction by Regression Techniques

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Genetic parameter estimation and selection in advanced breeding population of white Guinea yam

Stability and Adaptation of New Tobacco Varieties to Three Growing Areas under Rain Fed Conditions in Zimbabwe

Enviromic-based Kernels Optimize Resource Allocation with Multi-trait Multi-environment Genomic Prediction for Tropical Maize

Multi-omics Prediction of Oat Agronomic and Seed Nutritional Traits Across Environments and in Distantly Related Populations

A Protocol for Identifying Characteristic Sucrose Accumulation Curves of Sugarcane Genotypes (Saccharum spp.)

Enviromic Assembly Increases Accuracy and Reduces Costs of the Genomic Prediction for Yield Plasticity in Maize

Genotype × Environment Interaction and Selection of High Yielding Wheat Genotypes for Different Wheat-growing Areas of Ethiopia

Genotype × Environment Interactions and Simultaneous Selection for High Seed Yield and Stability in Winter Rapeseed (Brassica napus) Multi-Environment Trials

Stability and G × E Analysis of Oil Yield of Sunflower Single Cross Hybrids In Diverse Environments

Multi-Trait Multi-Environment Genomic Prediction of Agronomic Traits in Advanced Breeding Lines of Winter Wheat

Multi-omics prediction of oat agronomic and seed nutritional traits across environments and in distantly related populations.

Impact of the complexity of genotype by environment and dominance modeling on the predictive accuracy of maize hybrids in multi-environment prediction models

Seashore paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum Sw.) performance under shade in multi-environment trials

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Genetic progress, adaptability and stability of maize cultivars for value of cultivation and use trials

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Selection of high-yielding, adapted and stable wheat lines in preliminary trials.

Spatial analysis in multi-environment trials of malt barley in Ethiopia

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Genotype-by-environment interaction and yield stability of sunflower hybrids across production environments in South Africa

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Genotype-by-environment interaction and selection of elite wheat genotypes under variable rainfall conditions in northern Ethiopia

A Cross-Validation of Statistical Models for Zoned-Based Prediction in Cultivar Testing

Sorghum as a Novel Crop for Central Europe: Using a Broad Diversity Set to Dissect Temperate-Adaptation

Mega‐Environmental Design: Using Genotype × Environment Interaction to Optimize Resources for Cultivar Testing

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Yield Stability of Soybean Genotypes in Tropical Environments based on Genotype and Genotype-by-Environment Biplot

Genomic selection in multi-environment plant breeding trials using a factor analytic linear mixed model.

Adaptation patterns of winter wheat cultivars in agro-ecological regions

Consistency of Yield Ranking and Adaptability Patterns of Winter Wheat Cultivars between Multi-Environmental Trials and Farmer Surveys

Bayesian factor analytic model: An approach in multiple environment trials

Dissecting adaptive traits with nested association mapping: Genetic architecture of inflorescence morphology in sorghum

Genetic Associations in Four Decades of Multi-Environment Trials Reveal Agronomic Trait Evolution in Common Bean

Multi-environment evaluation of oil accumulation pattern parameters in olive.

Genotype, environment and their interaction effects on olive tree flowering phenology and flower quality

Modelling and prediction of dry matter yield of perennial ryegrass cultivars sown in multi-environment multi-harvest trials in south-eastern Australia

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