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Adsorption in the context of clean hydrogen production: process intensification by integrating H2 purification and CO2 capture - A modeling and experimental study of multi-component adsorption

Surface charge distribution: a key parameter for understanding protein behavior in chromatographic processes.

Adsorption for efficient low carbon hydrogen production: part 1—adsorption equilibrium and breakthrough studies for H2/CO2/CH4 on zeolite 13X

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Competitive adsorption of multicomponent volatile organic compounds on biochar.

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Thermally active nano-aluminum particles with improved flowability prepared by adsorbing multi-component layer

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Continuous and selective copper recovery by multi-modified and granulated SBA-15.

Adsorption for efficient low carbon hydrogen production: part 2—Cyclic experiments and model predictions

Investigating H2O and CO2 co-adsorption on amine-functionalised solid sorbents for direct air capture

Molecular sieving of linear and branched C6 alkanes by tannin-derived carbons

A multi-component model for granular activated carbon filters combining biofilm and adsorption kinetics.

Mesoporous nanocrystalline sulfonated hydroxyapatites enhance heavy metal removal and antimicrobial activity

Combustion synthesis of Fe3O4/Ag/C nanocomposite and application for dyes removal from multicomponent systems

Quantification and isotherm modelling of competitive phosphate and silicate adsorption onto micro-sized granular ferric hydroxide

A New Approach in Predicting Gas Adsorption Isotherms and Isosteric Heats Based on Two-Dimensional Equations of State

Modeling of milk lactose removal by column adsorption using artificial neural networks: MLP and RBF

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An expanded Markham and Benton approach to describe multi-component adsorption of sugars on zeolite beta

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