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Voltage and Frequency Consensusability of Autonomous Microgrids Over Fading Channels

Multi-Agent Reward-Iteration Fuzzy Q-Learning

Structured Diversification Emergence via Reinforced Organization Control and Hierarchical Consensus Learning

Distributed Multi-Agent Target Tracking: A Nash-Combined Adaptive Differential Evolution Method for UAV Systems

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Collaborative Visual Inertial SLAM for Multiple Smart Phones

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Reducing Efficiency Degradation Due to Scheduled Agent Suspensions by Task Handover in Multi-Agent Cooperative Patrol Problems

Improved Glasius bio-inspired neural network for target search by multi-agents

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A credibility evaluation method for complex simulation systems based on interactive network analysis

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Deep reinforcement learning of event-triggered communication and control for multi-agent cooperative transport

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Developing Real-Time Scheduling Policy by Deep Reinforcement Learning

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A two-level game optimal dispatching model for the park integrated energy system considering Stackelberg and cooperative games

A Grid-Generator-Electrolytic Aluminum Multi-Agent Cooperative Game Model Based on Nash Negotiation Theory

Multi-Agent Cooperative Bidding Games for Multi-Objective Optimization in e-Commercial Sponsored Search

GraphComm: Efficient Graph Convolutional Communication for Multi-Agent Cooperation

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