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[Technical and methodological support for postmortem radiation examinations in the pathological departments and the forensic bureau].

Bioactive three-dimensional silk composite in vitro tumoroid model for high throughput screening of anticancer drugs.

Cellular Automata Modeling of Three-Dimensional Chitosan-Based Aerogels Fiberous Structures with Bezier Curves

Sequential Dihedral Angles (SDAs): A Method for Evaluating the 3D Structure of Proteins


Modelling three‐dimensional space to design prey refuges using video game software

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Development of the production monitoring system based on the Industrial Internet of Things platform

Improved accuracy of an FDM 3D printer using a face-diagonal length test using an artifact and a Vernier caliper

Minimalistic 3D chromatin models: Sparse interactions in single cells drive the chromatin fold and form many-body units.

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Octo-Tiger’s New Hydro Module and Performance Using HPX+CUDA on ORNL’s Summit

3D-printed CuO nanoparticle–functionalized flow reactor enables online fluorometric monitoring of glucose

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Modeling anisotropic shape evolution during Czochralski growth of oxide single crystals

A node-to-node scheme for three-dimensional contact problems using the scaled boundary finite element method

CFD Simulations of Molten Salt Reactor Experiment Core

An Interactive System for Modeling Fish Shapes

3D Printed Polyvinyl Alcohol Tablets with Multiple Release Profiles

Edge-based finite-element modeling of 3D frequency-domain electromagnetic data in general dispersive medium

Three-dimensional printed embedded channel–based resistive strain sensor: Fabrication and experimental characterization

Study on Moisture Transfer Characteristics of Corn during Drying Process at Low Air Temperature

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Topology and Morphology of Self-Deforming Active Shells.

A Four-Node Tetrahedral Finite Element Based on Space Fiber Rotation Concept

Transport properties of 3D printed polymer nanocomposites for potential thermoelectric applications

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