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Fewer losses in the cascade of care for latent tuberculosis with solo interferon-gamma release assay screening compared to sequential screening

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Measuring health-care delays among privately insured patients with tuberculosis in the USA: an observational cohort study.

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Screening for tuberculosis among high-risk groups attending London emergency departments: a prospective observational study

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Transcriptomic signatures for diagnosing tuberculosis in clinical practice: a prospective, multicentre cohort study.

The Role of Tuberculosis Screening Among Migrants to Low-Incidence Settings in (Not) Achieving Elimination.

Defining the Role of Cellular Immune Signatures in Diagnostic Evaluation of Suspected Tuberculosis.

Modelling the Cost-Effectiveness of Latent Tuberculosis Screening and Treatment Strategies in Recent Migrants to a Low Incidence Setting.

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Paediatric tuberculosis during universal and selective Bacillus Calmette–Guérin vaccination policy: a nationwide population-based retrospective study, Finland, 1995–2015

Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Tuberculosis in an Urban Setting in Germany.

Use of GeneXpert MTB/RIF® on a single pooled sputum specimen to exclude pulmonary tuberculosis among hospital inpatients placed in respiratory isolation.

Timing of treatment interruption among latently infected tuberculosis cases treated with a nine-month course of daily isoniazid: findings from a time to event analysis

Low prioritization of latent tuberculosis infection—A systemic barrier to tuberculosis control: A qualitative study in Ontario, Canada

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The problem with defining foreign birth as a risk factor in tuberculosis epidemiology studies

Predictors for Pulmonary Tuberculosis Treatment Outcome in Denmark 2009–2014

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