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Photonic band characterization in InGaN/GaN nanocolumn arrays with triangular and honeycomb lattices by angle-resolved micro-photoluminescence measurements

Room-temperature Fe:ZnSe laser tunable in the spectral range of 3.7-5.3 µm applied for intracavity absorption spectroscopy of CO2 isotopes, CO and N2O.

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Синтез и оптические свойства 4-арилпиримидинов хромофоров D-A типа

Pyrrolylquinoline-BF2 and BPh2 BODIPY-Type Analogues: Synthesis, Structural Analysis and Photophysical Properties

A facile synthesis of long-wavelength emission nitrogen-doped carbon dots for intracellular pH variation and hypochlorite sensing.

Benzopyrylium conjugated quinolone constructing 705 nm long wavelength emission for evaluation of sulfur dioxide in brain slices

One-step synthesis of N, S-doped carbon dots with orange emission and their application in tetracycline antibiotics, quercetin sensing, and cell imaging

In situ synthesis of fluorescent polydopamine polymer dots based on Fenton reaction for a multi-sensing platform.

Biomass carbon dots derived from Wedelia trilobata for the direct detection of glutathione and their imaging application in living cells.

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Self-Activated and Bismuth-Related Photoluminescence in Rare-Earth Vanadate, Niobate, and Tantalate Series-A First-Principles Study.

Long-wavelength emissive solid-state carbon dots in nanoporous glass with excellent thermal stability.

Colorimetric detection of water content in organic solvents via a smartphone with fluorescent Ag nanoclusters.

Low-Dimensional Organic Metal Halide Hybrids with Excitation-Dependent Optical Waveguides from Visible to Near-Infrared Emission.

A bifunctional fluorescent probe for simultaneous detection of GSH and H2Sn (n > 1) from different channels with long-wavelength emission.

Conjugate area-controlled synthesis of multiple-color carbon dots and application in sensors and optoelectronic devices

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Achieving wavelength emission beyond the C-band from Type-II InAs-GaAsSb quantum dots grown monolithically on silicon substrate

Direct observation of an intramolecular charge transfer state in epigenetic nucleobase N6-methyladenine.

Ethanothermal synthesis of phenol-derived carbon dots with multiple color emission via a versatile oxidation strategy

Coaxial GaAs/(In,Ga)As dot-in-a-well nanowire heterostructures for electrically driven infrared light generation on Si in the telecommunication O band

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Boosting often overlooked long wavelength emissions of rare-earth nanoparticles for NIR-II fluorescence imaging of orthotopic glioblastoma.

FLIO Technique and Principles

Mono-, bi- quinolinium branches carbazole as groove binding mode of two-photon excited fluorescent probe interacting with DNA and nucleus imaging

A New Hemicyanine-based Fluorophore for Monitoring pH and Lysosome Imaging

Determining the transmission of thin foil filters for soft X-ray free-electron laser radiation: an ablation imprint approach (Conference Presentation)

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