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Demonstrating the impact of integrated drought policies on hydrological droughts

Evaluating integrated water management strategies to inform hydrological drought mitigation

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Pediatric Cardiac Surgery in Low-and Middle-Income Countries: Present Status and Need for a Paradigm Shift

The influence of generational shift on sustainability practices: A preliminary analysis based on text-analysis of “I Centenari’s” websites

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Institutional liminality, ideological pluralism, and the pragmatic behaviours of a ‘transition entrepreneur’

Training general practitioners in melanoma diagnosis: a scoping review of the literature

An Empirical Study of HR Practices and Employee’s Engagement in Banking Sector

Selling planet Earth: re-purposing geoscience communications

A Brief Review: Application of Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate in Asphalt Pavement Reinforcement

48 Supporting internal medicine trainees to meet new curriculum competencies around end of life care: a novel simulation course

Ageing and population shrinking: implications for sustainability in the urban century

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Missions and space security and long-term sustainability challenges

Black Philanthropy and National Parks: Giving Green to Give Black

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Long-term evolution of fracture permeability in slate as potential target reservoirs for Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS)

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Improved mechanical properties through recycling of Y-Ba-Cu-O bulk superconductors

Fee-Free Pooled Mining for Countering Pool-Hopping Attack in Blockchain

A decision support system to design water supply and sewer pipes replacement intervention programs

Recourse to the Circular Economy: The Path Ahead

Spatial planning for water sustainability projects under climate uncertainty: balancing human and environmental water needs

Metabolomics-driven gene mining and genetic improvement of tolerance to salt-induced osmotic stress in maize.

Analysis of challenges, costs, and governance alternative for peatland restoration in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Long-term increased grain yield and soil fertility from intercropping

Sustainability at stake during COVID-19: Exploring the role of accounting in addressing environmental crises

Barriers and facilitators for scaling up mental health and psychosocial support interventions in low- and middle-income countries for populations affected by humanitarian crises: a systematic review

The Economic and Environmental Significance of Sustainable Lubricants

Developing Industrial CPS: A Multi-Disciplinary Challenge

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The Future of Essentially Derived Variety (EDV) Status: Predominantly More Explanations or Essential Change

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From exploration to remediation: A microbial perspective for innovation in mining

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Sustainability of a gender-focused HIV and alcohol risk-reduction intervention in usual care settings in South Africa: a mixed methods analysis.

Do responses to the COVID-19 pandemic anticipate a long-lasting shift towards peer-to-peer production or degrowth?

Investigating the nature and quality of locally commissioned evaluations of the NHS Vanguard programme: an evidence synthesis

Species distribution and conservation assessment of the black-headed night monkey (Aotus nigriceps): a species of Least Concern that faces widespread anthropogenic threats.

From implementation to sustainment: A large-scale adverse event disclosure support program generated through embedded research in the Veterans Health Administration.

Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria: Effects on Yield and Nutritive Value of ‘Russell’ Bermudagrass and ‘KY 31’ Tall Fescue

Innovative Non-Thermal Technologies for Recovery and Valorization of Value-Added Products from Crustacean Processing By-Products—An Opportunity for a Circular Economy Approach

Applying the food–energy–water nexus concept at the local scale

Boots on the Ground, Both Hands on the Keyboard: Harnessing the Power of Resident as Teacher Hybrid Teaching Skills in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Evaluating methods for estimating mortality from acoustic telemetry data

Development of Sustainability Assessment Framework for Sewerage Infrastructure Projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain

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A review of the populations of tilapiine species in lakes Victoria and Naivasha, East Africa

DNI’s DNA: Where Is Google’s Money in European Media?

Exploring the Factors Affecting Mobile Learning for Sustainability in Higher Education

Exploring the sustainability of age-friendly initiatives in a Canadian province.

Impacts of Climate Change on Groundwater Recharge & Discharge in Water Scarce Region: A Case Study of the Ubar/ Shisr Agricultural Region of Oman.

Demonstrating the impact of integrated drought policies on hydrological droughts

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Distribution of the benefits of agricultural supply chain cooperation based on interval-valued least-squares pre-nucleolus solutions

Human Resource Sustainability in the Hospitality Sector

The Evaporation Estimation on Lake Most

The ‘Eat Well @ IGA’ healthy supermarket randomised controlled trial: process evaluation

Sport4Change: Adapting to COVID-19 Through Innovation

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The Responsibility Paradox

Electronic Supported Solutions to Scale-up Maternal New-born and Child Health Interventions Feasibility Assessment for Hoima District

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Intellectual Capital as a Panacea to Sustainability in Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises

An Overview on the Conversion of Forest Biomass into Bioenergy

Sand Dams as a Potential Solution to Rural Water Security in Drylands: Existing Research and Future Opportunities

Ecosystem services and the resilience of agricultural landscapes

Window of Economic Opportunity or Door of Exclusion? Nandoni Dam and Its Local Communities

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Restoring natural wetlands through financial incentives based adoption of constructed wetlands on agricultural farms

Trace element composition of tree fodder and potential nutritional use for livestock

The Effect of Blue-Green Infrastructure on Habitat Connectivity and Biodiversity: A Case Study in the Ōtākaro/Avon River Catchment in Christchurch, New Zealand

The nitrogen economy of rice-livestock systems in Uruguay

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The three dimensions of aquaculture’s sustainability in Africa for food safety

Knowledge, Attitude and Acceptability of the Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine and Vaccination Among University Students in Indonesia

Green IT Quick Wins

Predictors of catastrophic out-of-pocket health expenditure in rural Egypt: application of the heteroskedastic probit model

A techno-economic case for volatile fatty acid production for increased sustainability in the wastewater treatment industry

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Medical Waste Management during COVID-19 Situation: Perspective Towards Safe Environment

Ecosystem services and biodiversity of agricultural systems at the landscape scale

Genetic parameters for rectal temperature, respiration rate, and drooling score in Holstein cattle and their relationships with various fertility, production, body conformation, and health traits.

Involvement of children in hands-on meal preparation and the associated nutrition outcomes: A scoping review.

How Do Rural Communities Sustain Sanitation Gains? Qualitative Comparative Analyses of Community-Led Approaches in Cambodia and Ghana

Project “I Feel – Mental Hygiene and Emotional Literacy of Young People” – an example of intervention in the community

How Ecosystem-Based Adaptation to Climate Change Can Help Coastal Communities through a Participatory Approach