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Cocaine self-administration induces sex-dependent protein expression in the nucleus accumbens

Characterization of motor function in mice developmentally exposed to ethanol using the Catwalk system: Comparison with the triple horizontal bar and rotarod tests

Intravenous administration of BCG protects mice against lethal SARS-CoV-2 challenge

Maternal High-Fat Diet Modulates Cnr1 Gene Expression in Male Rat Offspring

Down-regulation of AMPA receptors and long-term potentiation during early epileptogenesis

Influence of innate immune activation on endocrine and metabolic pathways in infancy.

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Persistent changes in exploration and hyperactivity coexist with cognitive impairment in mice withdrawn from chronic cocaine

Intergenerational trauma transmission is associated with brain metabotranscriptome remodeling and mitochondrial dysfunction

Retinal vessels modifications in acute and post-COVID-19

A Guide to Preclinical Models of Zoster-Associated Pain and Postherpetic Neuralgia.

Amphetamine Induces Oxidative Stress, Glial Activation and Transient Angiogenesis in Prefrontal Cortex via AT1-R

Ketamine anesthesia enhances fear memory consolidation via noradrenergic activation in the basolateral amygdala

Author Response: Characterizing Opioid Use in a US Population With Migraine: Results From the CaMEO Study

Epigenetics: A Missing Link Between Early Life Stress and Depression.

Intergenerational Stress Transmission is Associated with Brain Metabotranscriptome Remodeling and Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Altered habenula to locus coeruleus functional connectivity in past anorexia nervosa suggests correlation with suicidality: a pilot study

Magnesium Sulfate versus Fentanyl as Adjuvant to Epidural Levobupivacaine in Surgeries below Umbilicus

Hippocampal alterations and functional correlates in adolescents and young adults with congenital heart disease

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