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Flexible quantum dot light-emitting diodes without sacrificing optical and electrical performance

Mid-infrared light-emitting properties and devices based on thin-film black phosphorus

Highly Enhanced Light Emissions from InGaN/GaN Based on Nanophotonics and Plasmonics

Photovoltaic behavior of polymerizable ionic liquid based fixed-junction light-emitting electrochemical cells


Multi-replica biased sampling for photoswitchable π-conjugated polymers.

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Preparation of photoactive ZnS-composite porous polymer films: Fluorescent and morphological properties

Highly efficient T-shaped deep-red thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitters: substitution position effect.

pH-Responsive amorphous room-temperature phosphorescence polymer featuring delayed fluorescence based on fluorescein

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Poly(aspartic acid) based self-healing hydrogels with antibacterial and light-emitting properties for wound repair.

Tailoring the refractive index and surface defects of CsPbBr3 quantum dots via alkyl cation-engineering for efficient perovskite light-emitting diodes

New series of BODIPY dyes: Synthesis, characterization and applications in photovoltaic cells and light-emitting diodes

Synthesis and Acid-Responsive Properties of a Highly Porous Vinylene-Linked Covalent Organic Framework.

Materials, photophysics and device engineering of perovskite light-emitting diodes

Aggregation-Induced Emission Fluorescent Gels: Current Trends and Future Perspectives

Study on pellucid concrete incorporating optical fibers–a review

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Exploration of the novel structures and electronic properties for Nd3+ doped CaTiO3

Spin-orbital coupling effects on light-emitting properties in organic and perovskite materials through orbital and spin polarizations in spontaneous and stimulated emission

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Tuning colorful luminescence of iridium(III) complexes from blue to near infrared

Recent development of elastico-mechanoluminescent phosphors

An AcOH-mediated metal free approach towards the synthesis of bis-carbolines and imidazopyridoindole derivatives and assessment of their photophysical properties.

Patina-green coloured light emitting polycarbonate films: A synergistic extraction of improved UV endurance and considerate spectral down-conversion

The effect of surface structure on the optical and electronic properties of nanomaterials

Structure-Dependent Photoluminescence in Low-Dimensional Ethyl-, Propyl-, and Butylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskites.

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Synthesis, characterisation, estimation of ground-and excited-state dipole moments using solvatochromic shift and theoretical studies of new iminocoumarin derivatives

Lanthanide grafted phenantroline-polymer for physiological temperature sensing

Synthesis and Blue Light Emitting Properties of Meta- and Para-Linked Hyperbranched Polymers Containing Oxadiazole Unit.

Nature of ColorDiversity in Phenylenevinylene-BasedPolymorphs

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