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Recent advances in the photothermal applications of two-dimensional nanomaterials: photothermal therapy and beyond

A multi-functional light-driven actuator with an integrated temperature-sensing function based on a carbon nanotube composite.

Thermal/Near-Infrared Light Dual-Responsive Reversible Two-Way Shape Memory cEVA/2D-MoO2 Composite for Multifunctional Applications.

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Mechanism research of the laser propulsion of bulk graphene sponge material through high vacuum experiment

Photo-thermoelectric generator integrated in graphene-based actuator for self-powered sensing function

Giant Bulk Photostriction of Lead Halide Perovskite Single Crystals.

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Molecular lambda shape light-driven dual switches: Spectroscopic and computational studies of the photoisomerization of bisazo Tröger base analogs

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