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Reflection and transmission of elastic waves in the multilayered orthotropic couple-stressed plates sandwiched between two elastic half-spaces


General solutions of transversely isotropic multilayered media subjected to rectangular time-harmonic or moving loads


A General Method for Solving Dispersion Relations in Layered Structures with Piezoelctric and Elastic Layers

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Effects of initial stresses on the electromechanical coupling coefficient of SH wave propagation in multilayered PZT-5H structures


Elastodynamics of a multilayered transversely isotropic half-space due to the rigid motion of foundation


Coupled horizontal and rocking vibrations of a rigid circular disc on a transversely isotropic and layered half-space with imperfect interfaces


Vertical and torsional vibrations of an embedded rigid circular disc in a transversely isotropic multilayered half-space

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