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Preparation and evaluation of chitosan biopolymers encapsulated iron gluconate using spray drying method

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Evaluation of Correlation between Acid Degree Value and Peroxide Value in Lipolysis of Control and Iron Fortified Caprine Milk Cheeses during 4 Months Storage

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Dietary intake of pearl millet based weaning food supplemented with iron and vitamin A enhances bioavailability of vitamin A in anemic rats.

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How to Improve Dietary Practices of 19-30yo Egyptian Women Living in Urban Areas? An Optifood Analysis (OR25-04-19).

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Effects of Iron Fortification on Fatty Acid Profiles of Caprine Milk Cheddar Cheeses under Different Storage Treatment Regimens

Commercially produced complementary foods in Bandung City, Indonesia, are often reported to be iron fortified but with less than recommended amounts or suboptimal forms of iron

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Enhanced iron absorption from lactic acid fermented bread (an in vivo/ex vivo study)

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