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Compact or disperse? Evolution patterns and coupling of urban land expansion and population distribution evolution of major cities in China, 1998–2018

The integration of video games in family-life dynamics

Entering Higher Education After 30: What Can Be Learned from Biographical Narratives of Non-Traditional Students

Effectiveness of motivational interviewing on medication adherence among Palestinian hypertensive patients: a clustered randomized controlled trial.

Digital Traces Can Validate the Role of Consumer Perceptions in Instagram Influencer Marketing

Internalizing Cooperative Norms in Group-Structured Populations

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Best Practices for Motivating and Supporting Learning for Adult and Non-Traditional Learners

Economic and Public-value creation in responsible and sustainable supply chains: a game-theoretic analysis

Mining Consumer Minds: Downstream Consequences of Host Motivations for Home-Sharing Platforms

Parental Education and Good Child Habits to Encourage Sustainable Littering Behavior

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Saying no to Facebook: Uncovering motivations to resist or reject social media platforms

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Rapid antigen testing for SARS-CoV-2 infection in a university setting in Ireland: learning from a 6-week pilot study.

Project MIMIC (Maximizing Implementation of Motivational Incentives in Clinics): A cluster-randomized type 3 hybrid effectiveness-implementation trial

Leveraging enterprise social network technology: understanding the roles of compatibility and intrinsic motivation

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Smartphone-Based Virtual Reality as an Immersive Tool for Teaching Marketing Concepts

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Crowding in or crowding out? How non-governmental organizations and media influence intrinsic motivations toward corporate social and environmental responsibility

Lightscapes of fear: How mesopredators balance starvation and predation in the open ocean

Exploring the Participation Motivations of Ongoing and Former Citizen Scientists in the Taiwan Roadkill Observation Network

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Motivating individuals to contribute to firms’ non-pecuniary open innovation goals

Fitnesser’s Intrinsic Motivations of Green Eating: An Integration of Theory of Planned Behavior and Hedonic-Motivation System Adoption Model

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Moving beyond the initial colonoscopy: a call for action

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Behavioral Interventions as Policy Instruments to Manage Household Water Use

Fishing against the odds: fishers’ motivations to carry on fishing in the wake of the hindering EU Common Fishery Policy—a case study in North Shields, UK

The power of social learning: How do observational and word-of-mouth learning influence online consumer decision processes?

An Empowerment-based Solution to Robotic Manipulation Tasks with Sparse Rewards

Applying to be Doctors of Tomorrow: A Qualitative Study Exploring Motivations Towards Applying to a Medical Pipeline Program.

What Are University Professors’ Motivations? A Realistic Approach to Self-Perception of a Group of Spanish University Professors Belonging to the G-9 Group of Universities

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The effects of gamification on tourist psychological outcomes: an application of letterboxing and external rewards to maze park

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An active opinion dynamics model: the gap between the voting result and group opinion

The Relationship between Intrinsic Motivations and Commitment of Consumers in Brand Communities of Entertainment Media

Need for Cognition Among Users of Self-Monitoring Systems for Physical Activity: Survey Study.

Punishing Vices or Rewarding Virtues? The Motivations for and Benefits of Ethical Ratings for Private Italian Companies

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REAL 2021 – Robot open-Ended Autonomous Learning: A Competition and Benchmark

Recognizing the Needs of Others: Municipal Candidates’ Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations to Support Immigrants and Religious Minorities

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Which consumers believe luxury must be expensive and why? A cross-cultural comparison of motivations

Activating the intrinsic motivations of beneficiaries for longer lasting conservation and development projects

Running on a social exercise platform: Applying self-determination theory to increase motivation to participate in a sporting event

Incentive for Self-Protection in a Collective System: a Swarm Robotics Case Study

Identifying Patterns of Turnover Intention Among Alabama Frontline Nurses in Hospital Settings During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Exploring the Role of Motivation in English Language Teaching: Learners and Teachers Perspective

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Motivation and mental well-being of long-distance hikers: A quantitative and qualitative approach

Why do consumers become providers? Self-determination in the sharing economy


The Motivations for and Well-Being Implications of Social Media Use at Work among Millennials and Members of Former Generations

Incentives for corporate social responsibility in India: Mandate, peer pressure and crowding-out effects

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A Quem Você é Leal? Motivações para o whistleblowing

Exploring the role of intrinsic motivation in ISSP compliance: enterprise digital rights management system case

Beyond a Market Discourse: Is Framing a Solution to Avoid Motivational Crowding-Out in Payments for Ecosystem Services?

Why Do People Support Online Crowdfunding Charities? A Case Study From China

The Mediating Role of Motivation Between Brand Citizenship Behavior and Employee Performance: A Study of Supervisors Perception

Engaging shoppers through mobile apps: the role of gamification

Teenage Party Goers’ Motivation for Clubbing in Batam 2018

How do IT affordances support behavioral intention in charitable crowdfunding? The mediating effects of donor perceptions and motivations

Pro-environmental habits: An underexplored research agenda in sustainability science

The Employees’ State of Mind during COVID-19: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective

Towards Digital Sustainability: Profiles of Millennial Reviewers, Reputation Scores and Intrinsic Motivation Matter

Strengthening Adolescent’s Entrepreneurial Behavior through Social Support

Motivational crowding effects in payments for ecosystem services under alternative value frames: Instrumental versus relational values

Exploring political personalities: The micro‐foundation of local policy innovation in China

The influence mechanism of rewards on knowledge sharing behaviors in virtual communities

Motivaciones para elegir la profesión docente en estudiantes que ingresan a la educación superior

Trialing or combining? Understanding consumer partial switching in mobile application usage from the variety seeking perspective

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The Role of Families, Schools, and Colleges

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Compact or disperse? Evolution patterns and coupling of urban land expansion and population distribution evolution of major cities in China, 1998–2018

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Building Learning Agility Through Psychological Safety

Learning to Love the Warm Glow: Endogenous Preferences and Intrinsic Motivation

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Student Intrinsic-Motivational Perceptions on a 3D Immersive Learning Environment

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Getting back or giving back: understanding caregiver motivations and willingness to provide informal care

Does death make us all equal? Materialism and status-seeking under Mortality Salience

Monetary and Social Rewards for Crowdsourcing

Meaningful and Complex Work: An Exercise to Help Students Understand Intrinsic Motivation

Deployment Strategies for Service Innovation

Transformational leadership for public service motivation

How to turn crowding-out into crowding-in? An innovative instrument and some law-related examples

Motivators and challenges to research recruitment - A qualitative study with midwives.

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Payments for environmental services and motivation crowding: Towards a conceptual framework

Muslim Minority in Yogyakarta: Between Social Relationship and Religious Motivation

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The Influence of Offline and Online Intrinsic Motivations on Online Health Information Seeking

Underlying Factors Behind Generation of Different Types of User-Generated Content - Impact of Individual and Brand/Product Level Factors in Generation of Brand-Oriented Content and Community-Oriented Content

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Crowdsourcing image descriptions using gamification: a comparison between game-generated labels and professional descriptors

Challenges and opportunities to improve fracture liaison service attendance: fracture registration and patient characteristics and motivations

Beyond proximate and distal causes of land-use change: linking Individual motivations to deforestation in rural contexts

Internalizing cooperative norms in group-structured populations


Motivations for the use of sustainable intensification practices among smallholder farmers in Tanzania and Malawi

Five-Factor Inventory of Intrinsic Motivations to Gameplay (IMG)

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Revisiting the returns to education during rapid structural and rural transformation in Thailand: A regression discontinuity approach

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Impact of experience on emotional well-being and loyalty

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The effects of Clean Water Act enforcement on environmental employment

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Understanding mobile health service use: An investigation of routine and emergency use intentions

Sharing reasoning behind individual decisions to invest in joint infrastructure

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How Long A Motivation May Last

Agent Sorting by Incentive Systems in Mission Firms: Implications for Health Care and Other Credence Goods Markets

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I’m going to be a teacher! exploring motives for teaching of a sample of Italian pre-primary and primary teacher candidates

Investigating the Academic Motivations and Academic Achievements of Pre-Service Visual Arts Teachers

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Intrinsic motivations for productive ageing

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Usability factors predicting continuance of intention to use cloud e-learning application

Relationships between Anxiety, Emotional Intelligence, and Motivational Climate among Adolescent Football Players

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MPs’ principals and the substantive representation of disadvantaged immigrant groups

Understanding the emergence of a social enterprise by highly skilled migrants: The case of Honduras Global Europa

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