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Discriminating normal and inflammatory models by viscosity changes with a mitochondria-targetable fluorescent probe.

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Synthesis, characterization and photophysical properties of meso-indole-boron-dipyrromethene derivatives and their cell imaging and viscosity sensing

Viscoadaptation controls intracellular reaction rates in response to heat and energy availability

Rational design of NIR fluorescence probes for sensitive detection of viscosity in living cells.

A novel family of AIE-active meso-2-ketopyrrolyl BODIPYs: bright solid-state red fluorescence, morphological properties and application as viscosimeters in live cells

Upconverting Nanorockers for Intracellular Viscosity Measurements During Chemotherapy

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A Mitochondrial-Targeting Near-Infrared Fluorescent Probe for Visualizing and Monitoring Viscosity in Live Cells and Tissues.

Linker length affects photostability of protein-targeted sensor of cellular microviscosity.

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Intracellular Viscosity