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σS-Mediated Stress Response Induced by Outer Membrane Perturbation Dampens Virulence in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium

Single cell analyses reveal distinct adaptation of typhoidal and non-typhoidal Salmonella enterica serovars to intracellular lifestyle

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv0927c Inhibits NF-κB Pathway by Downregulating the Phosphorylation Level of IκBα and Enhances Mycobacterial Survival

Insilico Designing of a Chimeric Vaccine Using EIS (Rv2416c) Protein Against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis H37Rv; An Immunoinformatics Approach

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Impact of fluoroquinolones and aminoglycosides on P. aeruginosa virulence factor production and cytotoxicity

The Legionella pneumophila effector RavY contributes to a replication-permissive vacuolar environment during infection.

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Pyruvate oxidase as a key determinant of pneumococcal viability during transcytosis across the blood-brain barrier endothelium

Pyruvate oxidase as a key determinant of pneumococcal viability during transcytosis across brain endothelium.

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The commensal bacterium Lactiplantibacillus plantarum imprints innate memory-like responses in mononuclear phagocytes

Reductive Power Generated by Mycobacterium leprae Through Cholesterol Oxidation Contributes to Lipid and ATP Synthesis

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Stepwise pathogenic evolution of Mycobacterium abscessus

Cefoxitin treatment of MRSA leads to a shift in the IL-12/IL-23 production pattern in dendritic cells by a mechanism involving changes in the MAPK signaling.

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Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase Inhibitor Dichloroacetate Improves Host Control of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium Infection in Human Macrophages

Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Prevent Toxoplasma gondii Infection by Inducing Autophagy via AMPK Activation

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Macrophage Infection Models for Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

IFI44L as a Forward Regulator Enhancing Host Antituberculosis Responses

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Microbiological and genomic investigations of invasive Salmonella enterica serovar Panama from a large outbreak in Taiwan.

Anaplasmataceae: Dichotomous Autophagic Interplay for Infection

The lipolytic activity of LipJ, a stress-induced enzyme, is regulated by its C-terminal adenylate cyclase domain.

The DmsABC Sulfoxide Reductase Supports Virulence in Non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae

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Growth medium and nitric oxide alter Mycobacterium abscessus morphotype and virulence.

An AraC/XylS Family Transcriptional Regulator Modulates the Oxidative Stress Response of Francisella tularensis.

Transcriptional response to the host cell environment of a multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis clonal outbreak Beijing strain reveals its pathogenic features

Genomic analysis of the nomenclatural type strain of the nematode-associated entomopathogenic bacterium Providencia vermicola

Capsule protects against intracellular killing and enables vascular endothelial cell translocation during invasive pneumococcal disease

Cumulative Signaling Through NOD-2 and TLR-4 Eliminates the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Concealed Inside the Mesenchymal Stem Cells

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Extracellular matrix stiffness modulates host-bacteria interactions and antibiotic therapy of bacterial internalization.

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis RKIP (Rv2140c) dephosphorylates ERK/NF-κB upstream signaling molecules to subvert macrophage innate immune response.

The knowns and unknowns of latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.

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Immune-metabolic receptor GPR84 surrogate and endogenous agonists, 6-OAU and lauric acid, alter Brucella abortus 544 infection in both in vitro and in vivo systems.

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The intracellular phase of extracellular respiratory tract bacterial pathogens and its role on pathogen-host interactions during infection

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Formyl peptide receptor 2 (FPR2) antagonism is a potential target for the prevention of Brucella abortus 544 infection.

Improved Enzyme Protection Assay to Study Staphylococcus aureus Internalization and Intracellular Efficacy of Antimicrobial Compounds.

Klebsiella pneumoniae hijacks the Toll-IL-1R protein SARM1 in a type I IFN-dependent manner to antagonize host immunity

Rv3722c Promotes Mycobacterium tuberculosis Survival in Macrophages by Interacting With TRAF3

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Pathogenic Determinants of the Mycobacterium kansasii Complex: An Unsuspected Role for Distributive Conjugal Transfer

Helicobacter pylori inhibits autophagic flux and promotes its intracellular survival and colonization by down‐regulating SIRT1

Microbiological and genomic investigations of invasive Salmonella enterica serovar Panama from a large outbreak in Taiwan.

Essential Roles of PPARs in Lipid Metabolism during Mycobacterial Infection

Tryptophan Operon Diversity Reveals Evolutionary Trends among Geographically Disparate Chlamydia trachomatis Ocular and Urogenital Strains Affecting Tryptophan Repressor and Synthase Function

WNT6/ACC2-induced storage of triacylglycerols in macrophages is exploited by Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Extreme genetic diversity in the type VII secretion system of Listeria monocytogenes suggests a role in bacterial antagonism.

Interferon-Inducible Transmembrane Protein 3-Containing Exosome as a New Carrier for the Cell-to-Cell Transmission of Anti-Brucella Activity

Anaplasmataceae: Dichotomous Autophagic Interplay for Infection

Kallikrein 12 regulates innate resistance of murine macrophages against Mycobacterium bovis infection by modulating autophagy and apoptosis

Mycobacterium tuberculosis Protein PE6 (Rv0335c), a Novel TLR4 Agonist, Evokes an Inflammatory Response and Modulates the Cell Death Pathways in Macrophages to Enhance Intracellular Survival

Mycobacterium tuberculosis PE_PGRS20 and PE_PGRS47 Proteins Inhibit Autophagy by Interaction with Rab1A

Unraveling the Novel Effect of Patchouli Alcohol Against the Antibiotic Resistance of Helicobacter pylori

Yersinia pseudotuberculosis YopJ Limits Macrophage Response by Downregulating COX-2-Mediated Biosynthesis of PGE2 in a MAPK/ERK-Dependent Manner

Genomic Determinants of Pathogenicity and Antimicrobial Resistance for 60 Global Listeria monocytogenes Isolates Responsible for Invasive Infections

Characterisation of Bordetella pertussis virulence mechanisms using engineered human airway tissue models

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Dual transcriptional analysis reveals adaptation of host and pathogen to intracellular survival of Pseudomonas aeruginosa associated with urinary tract infection

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Patogenesis dan virulensi Burkholderia pseudomallei penyebab melioidosis dan Burkholderia cepacia sebagai patogen oportunis

Ehrlichia chaffeensis TRP120 Is a Wnt Ligand Mimetic That Interacts with Wnt Receptors and Contains a Novel Repetitive Short Linear Motif That Activates Wnt Signaling

Intracellular Staphylococcus aureus inhibits autophagy of bovine mammary epithelial cells through activating p38α

Copper intoxication in group B Streptococcus triggers a mis-metallation signature and activation of the cop operon leading to enhanced virulence

The Hha-TomB toxin-antitoxin module in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium limits its intracellular survival profile and regulates host immune response.

Hydrogen Peroxide Affects Growth of S. aureus Through Downregulation of Genes Involved in Pyrimidine Biosynthesis

Proteomics Investigation of the Time Course Responses of RAW264.7 Macrophages to Infections With the Wild-Type and Twin-Arginine Translocation Mutant Strains of Brucella melitensis

Ginsenoside Rg3 reduces the adhesion, invasion, and intracellular survival of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium

Intracellular Group A Streptococcus Induces Golgi Fragmentation To Impair Host Defenses through Streptolysin O and NAD-Glycohydrolase

Fluorescence-based Heme Quantitation in Toxoplasma Gondii.

Proteomic analysis capsule synthesis and redox mechanisms in the intracellular survival of group B Streptococcus in fish microglia.

Targeting Salmonella Typhimurium Invasion and Intracellular Survival Using Pyrogallol

Inhibitory concentrations of ciprofloxacin induce an adaptive response promoting the intracellular survival of Salmonella Typhimurium

Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv0580c Impedes the Intracellular Survival of Recombinant Mycobacteria, Manipulates the Cytokines, and Induces ER Stress and Apoptosis in Host Macrophages via NF-κB and p38/JNK Signaling

Transcriptomic analysis of stress response to novel antimicrobial coatings in a clinical MRSA strain.

Human NAIP/NLRC4 and NLRP3 inflammasomes detect Salmonella type III secretion system activities to restrict intracellular bacterial replication

Autoimmune susceptibility gene PTPN2 is required for clearance of adherent-invasive Escherichia coli by integrating bacterial uptake and lysosomal defence

Cellular electron tomography of the apical complex in the apicomplexan parasite Eimeria tenella shows a highly organised gateway for regulated secretion

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Intracellular persistence of Staphylococcus aureus in endothelial cells is promoted by the absence of phenol-soluble modulins

Antibacterial Activity of Ikarugamycin against Intracellular Staphylococcus aureus in Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells In Vitro Infection Model

Carbohydrate Metabolism Affects Macrophage-Mediated Killing of Enterococcus faecalis

Legionella pneumophila modulates host energy metabolism by ADP-ribosylation of ADP/ATP translocases

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Complete Characterization of Polyacyltrehaloses from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv Biofilm Cultures by Multiple-Stage Linear Ion-Trap Mass Spectrometry Reveals a New Tetraacyltrehalose Family.

Salmonella Typhimurium manipulates macrophage cholesterol homeostasis through the SseJ‐mediated suppression of the host cholesterol transport protein ABCA1

Making the Most of the Host; Targeting the Autophagy Pathway Facilitates Staphylococcus aureus Intracellular Survival in Neutrophils

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Mycobacterium leprae promotes triacylglycerol de novo synthesis through induction of GPAT3 expression in human premonocytic THP-1 cells

Inhibitory Concentrations of Ciprofloxacin Induce an Adaptive Response Promoting the Intracellular Survival of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium

Dual perspective proteomics infectome profiling discovers Salmonella type III secretion system effector functions in macrophages

Mycobacterium tuberculosis Exploits Focal Adhesion Kinase to Induce Necrotic Cell Death and Inhibit Reactive Oxygen Species Production

Correlation of over-expression of rv1900c with enhanced survival of M. smegmatis under stress conditions: Modulation of cell surface properties.

Burkholderia pseudomallei OMVs derived from infection mimicking conditions elicit similar protection to a live-attenuated vaccine

Bioresponsive micro-to-nano albumin-based systems for targeted drug delivery against complex fungal infections

Functional insights into the role of a bacterial virulence factor and a host factor in Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection

HDAC6 contributes to human resistance against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection via mediating innate immune responses.

Role of acuK in Control of Iron Acquisition and Gluconeogenesis in Talaromyces marneffei

SILAKin: A novel high throughput SILAC and mass spectrometry-based assay to identify the substratome of kinases secreted by pathogens

Transcription of Cystathionine β-Lyase (MetC) Is Repressed by HeuR in Campylobacter jejuni, and Methionine Biosynthesis Facilitates Colonocyte Invasion

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Chemical Synthesis of Cell Wall Constituents of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Analysis of In Vivo Transcriptome of Intracellular Bacterial Pathogen Salmonella enterica serovar Typhmurium Isolated from Mouse Spleen

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A Sinorhizobium meliloti and Agrobacterium tumefaciens ExoR ortholog is not crucial for Brucella abortus virulence

In vivo single cell transcriptomics reveals Klebsiella pneumoniae rewiring of lung macrophages to promote infection

Copper Intoxication in Group B Streptococcus Triggers Transcriptional Activation of the cop Operon That Contributes to Enhanced Virulence during Acute Infection

Copper intoxication in group B Streptococcus triggers transcriptional activation of the cop operon that contributes to enhanced virulence during acute infection

Chlamydia trachomatis Pgp3 protein regulates oxidative stress via activation of the Nrf2/NQO1 signal pathway.

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