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Chanarin–Dorfman syndrome: clinical/genetic features and natural history in six Pakistani patients

Establishing an in vitro disease model for Fabry Disease using patient specific induced pluripotent stem cell-derived sensory neurons

Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within Increased Intracellular Accumulation

Glycosylated apolipoprotein J in cardiac ischaemia: molecular processing and circulating levels in patients with acute ischaemic events.

In vivo Pharmacokinetics and in vitro Release of Imatinib Mesylate-Loaded Liposomes for Pulmonary Delivery

Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within Induced Intracellular Accumulation

Nutrients Bioaccessibility and Anti-inflammatory Features of Fermented Bee Pollen: A Comprehensive Investigation

Inhibition of skin fibrosis in systemic sclerosis by botulinum toxin B via the suppression of oxidative stress

Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within Abnormal Intracellular Accumulation

Adult polyglucosan body disease: An acute presentation leading to unmasking of this rare disorder.

Impaired cholesterol efflux in retinal pigment epithelium of individuals with juvenile macular degeneration.

Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within Promoted Intracellular Accumulation

Equisetin Restores Colistin Sensitivity against Multi-Drug Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria

Jatrophane diterpenoids as multidrug resistance modulators from Euphorbia sororia.

Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within Higher Intracellular Accumulation

Cisplatin loaded multiwalled carbon nanotubes reverse drug resistance in NSCLC by inhibiting EMT

NHERF1/EBP50 as a Target for Modulation of MRP Function in HepG2 Cells

Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within Cause Intracellular Accumulation

A Screen of Natural Product Extracts Identifies Moenomycin as a Potent Antigonococcal Agent.

Modeling a human CLP1 mutation in mouse identifies an accumulation of tyrosine pre-tRNA fragments causing pontocerebellar hypoplasia type 10.

Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within Increasing Intracellular Accumulation

Effect of Malt-PEG-Abz@RSL3 micelles on HepG2 cells based on NADPH depletion and GPX4 inhibition in ferroptosis.

Phosphorylation of STAT1 serine 727 enhances platinum resistance in uterine serous carcinoma

Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within Significant Intracellular Accumulation

In Vitro Inhibition of Renal OCT2 and MATE1 Secretion by Antiemetic Drugs

Antagonistic co-limitation through ion promiscuity - On the metal sensitivity of Thalassiosira oceanica under phosphorus stress.

Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within High Intracellular Accumulation

Effects of Substitution on Cytotoxicity of Diphenyl Ditelluride in Cultured Vascular Endothelial Cells

Oxaliplatin derived monofunctional triazole-containing platinum(II) complex counteracts oxaliplatin-induced drug resistance in colorectal cancer.

Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within Demonstrated Intracellular Accumulation

Characterization of mutant type VII collagens underlying the inversa subtype of recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa.

Development of a novel polymer-based carrier for deformable liposomes for the controlled dermal delivery of naringenin.

Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within Caused Intracellular Accumulation

Induction of ferroptosis in human nasopharyngeal cancer cells by cucurbitacin B: molecular mechanism and therapeutic potential

Nicotinamide mononucleotide production by fructophilic lactic acid bacteria

Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within Increase Intracellular Accumulation

Assessment of azithromycin as an anticancer agent for treatment of imatinib sensitive and resistant CML cells.


Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within Prevent Intracellular Accumulation

Overcoming P-Glycoprotein-Mediated Doxorubicin Resistance

Towards robust Pseudomonas cell factories to harbour novel biosynthetic pathways

Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples within Subsequent Intracellular Accumulation

A DM1-doped porous gold nanoshell system for NIR accelerated redox-responsive release and triple modal imaging guided photothermal synergistic chemotherapy

Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery Modeling in Nanomedicine with Combinatorial Image Analysis and Non-Linear Regression

Predictors of therapeutic efficacy of 5-aminolevulinic acid-based photodynamic therapy in human prostate cancer.

TGF-β modulates cell fate in human ES cell-derived foregut endoderm by inhibiting multiple endogenous signaling pathways

The Chloroplast of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii as a Testbed for Engineering Nitrogen Fixation into Plants

The essential oil from the fruits of Peucedanum oreoselinum (L.) Moench (Apiaceae) as a natural source of P-glycoprotein inhibitors

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At the origin of Aβ with ADAM10

Molecular Mechanisms of Alcohol-Induced Colorectal Carcinogenesis

Effect of docosahexaenoic acid plus insulin on atherosclerotic human endothelial cells

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c-Jun N-terminal Kinase Mediates Ligand-independent p75NTR Signaling in Mesencephalic Cells Subjected to Oxidative Stress

Behavioural Functions and Cerebral Blood Flow in a P301S Tauopathy Mouse Model: A Time-Course Study

The effects of engineered nanoparticles on nitrification during biological wastewater treatment

Hepatocellular carcinoma as a complication of Niemann‐Pick disease type C1

DMAPT‑D6 induces death‑receptor‑mediated apoptosis to inhibit glioblastoma cell oncogenesis via induction of DNA damage through accumulation of intracellular ROS.

Response and Toxicity to Cytarabine Therapy in Leukemia and Lymphoma: From Dose Puzzle to Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers

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Alzheimer’s disease treatment: The share of herbal medicines

Longitudinal Assessment of Tau-Associated Pathology by 18F-THK5351 PET Imaging: A Histological, Biochemical, and Behavioral Study

Effect of four ABCB1 genetic polymorphisms on the accumulation of darunavir in HEK293 recombinant cell lines

Liposomal Delivery of Cyclocreatine Impairs Cancer Cell Bioenergetics Mediating Apoptosis.

Cytocompatibility and cellular interactions of chondroitin sulfate microparticles designed for inhaled tuberculosis treatment.

EGFR Targeted Cetuximab-Valine-Citrulline (vc)-Doxorubicin Immunoconjugates- Loaded Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) Nanoparticles for Colorectal Tumor Therapy

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Vasopressin Induces Urinary Uromodulin Secretion By Activating PKA (Protein Kinase A)

Neurodevelopmental Disorders (NDD) Caused by Genomic Alterations of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System (UPS): the Possible Contribution of Immune Dysregulation to Disease Pathogenesis

Enhancement of anticancer drug sensitivity in multidrug resistance cells overexpressing ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter ABCC10 by CP55, a synthetic derivative of 5-cyano-6-phenylpyrimidin.

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ANGPTL3 Variants Associate with Lower Levels of Irisin and C-Peptide in a Cohort of Arab Individuals

Extensive rod and cone photoreceptor-cell degeneration in rat models of giant axonal neuropathy: implications for gene therapy of human disease

Extracellular and Intracellular Lanthanide Accumulation in the Methylotrophic Beijerinckiaceae Bacterium RH AL1

More Intracellular Accumulation sentence examples

Cultivation processes to select microorganisms with high accumulation ability.

A novel small-molecule PROTAC selectively promotes tau clearance to improve cognitive functions in Alzheimer-like models

The effects of myelin on macrophage activation are phenotypic specific via cPLA2 in the context of spinal cord injury inflammation

Synchrotron-Based X-Ray Fluorescence Microscopy Reveals Accumulation of Polymyxins in Single Human Alveolar Epithelial Cells

Benzydamine Reverses TMexCD-TOprJ-Mediated High-Level Tigecycline Resistance in Gram-Negative Bacteria

Involvement of ABC transporters in the detoxification of non-substrate nanoparticles in lung and cervical cancer cells.

Asc-1 regulates white versus beige adipocyte fate in a subcutaneous stromal cell population

Counteracting Action of Curcumin on High Glucose-Induced Chemoresistance in Hepatic Carcinoma Cells

Metabolomics Reveal Potential Natural Substrates of AcrB in Escherichia coli and Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium

Neutral Re(I) Complex Platform for Live Intracellular Imaging.

Resveratrol Reduces COMPopathy in Mice Through Activation of Autophagy

Autophagy stimulation delayed biological aging and decreased cardiac differentiation in rabbit mesenchymal stem cells

Microbial technologies for heavy metal remediation: effect of process conditions and current practices

ANGPTL3 Variants Associate with Lower Levels of Irisin and C-Peptide in a Cohort of Arab Individuals

An LC-MS/MS assay and complementary web-based tool to quantify and predict compound accumulation in E. coli.

Low CyaA expression and anti-cooperative binding of cAMP to CRP frames the scope the of the cognate regulon of Pseudomonas putida.

Autophagy cargo receptors are secreted via extracellular vesicles and particles in response to endolysosomal inhibition or impaired autophagosome maturation

PXR Modulates the Prostate Cancer Cell Response to Afatinib by Regulating the Expression of the Monocarboxylate Transporter SLC16A1

Light-responsive polymeric nanoparticles based on a novel nitropiperonal based polyester as drug delivery systems for photosensitizers in PDT.

Oxidized LDLs as Signaling Molecules

The study of Raddeanin A cerebrovascular endothelial cell trafficking through P-glycoprotein.

Cardiometabolic Modification of Amyloid Beta in Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology

Characterization of a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Expressing Aβ4-42 and Human Mutant Tau

Bisphenol A Inhibits the Transporter Function of the Blood-Brain Barrier by Directly Interacting with the ABC Transporter Breast Cancer Resistance Protein (BCRP)

Succinate Anaplerosis Has an Onco-Driving Potential in Prostate Cancer Cells

Integration of Proteomics and Metabolomics Into the Design, Build, Test, Learn Cycle to Improve 3-Hydroxypropionic Acid Production in Aspergillus pseudoterreus

Macrolides May Prevent Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Entry into Cells: A Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship Study and Experimental Validation

Chloride-dependent conformational changes in the GlyT1 glycine transporter

Neuronal spreading and plaque induction of intracellular Aβ and its disruption of Aβ homeostasis

Intracellular Accumulation of IFN-λ4 Induces ER Stress and Results in Anti-Cirrhotic but Pro-HCV Effects

Biotechnological production of the European corn borer sex pheromone in the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica

Class II phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-C2α is essential for Notch signaling by regulating the endocytosis of γ-secretase in endothelial cells

Subcellular distribution of ezrin/radixin/moesin and their roles in the cell surface localization and transport function of P-glycoprotein in human colon adenocarcinoma LS180 cells

VPS35 Downregulation Alters Degradation Pathways in Neuronal Cells.

Vascular Stress Signaling in Hypertension.

Degradable FeCuS-Lipid Nanoparticles Confer Ultrasound-Activated CO Release and O2-Independent Radical Production for Synergistic Therapy.

Enhanced cadmium removal by growing Bacillus cereus RC-1 immobilized on different magnetic biochars through simultaneous adsorption and bioaccumulation

Cigarette smoke-induced impairment of autophagy in macrophages increases galectin-8 and inflammation

Ginsenoside 20(S)-Rh2 promotes cellular pharmacokinetics and intracellular antibacterial activity of levofloxacin against Staphylococcus aureus through drug efflux inhibition and subcellular stabilization.

Nanoplastics aggravate the toxicity of arsenic to AGS cells by disrupting ABC transporter and cytoskeleton.

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Mechanisms of Enterobacter bugandensis TJ6 immobilization of heavy metals and inhibition of Cd and Pb uptake by wheat based on metabolomics and proteomics.

CMP25, a synthetic new agent, targets multidrug resistance-associated protein 7 (MRP7/ABCC10).

Space-occupying brain lesions, trauma-related tau astrogliopathy, and ARTAG: a report of two cases and a literature review

Investigating the Role of Cholesterol and Lipid Trafficking in Mitotane Resistance in Adrenocortical Carcinoma

Methyl Jasmonate and Methyl-β-Cyclodextrin Individually Boost Triterpenoid Biosynthesis in Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii UVM4

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