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A training intervention to reduce paternalistic care and promote autonomy: a preliminary study

Mobile Geriatric Teams – A Cost-Effective Way Of Improving Patient Safety And Reducing Traditional Healthcare Utilization Among The Frail Elderly? A Randomized Controlled Trial

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A patient-centered mobile health application to motivate use of genetic counseling among women with ovarian cancer: A pilot randomized controlled trial.

Positive Strategies to Enhance Problem-Solving Skills (STEPS): A Pilot Randomized, Controlled Trial of a Multicomponent, Technology-Enhanced, Customizable Antiretroviral Adherence Intervention for HIV-Infected Adolescents and Young Adults.

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A Nurse-Driven Oral Care Protocol to Reduce Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia

Efficacy and Effectiveness of Mobile Health Technologies for Facilitating Physical Activity in Adolescents: Scoping Review

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Effectiveness of a Nursing Intervention to Diminish Preoperative Anxiety in Patients Programmed for Knee Replacement Surgery: Preventive Controlled and Randomized Clinical Trial.

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Safety and effectiveness of a new-type domestic biologic mesh

Investigating the Use of an Electronic Activity Monitor System as a Component of Physical Activity and Weight-Loss Interventions in Nonclinical Populations: A Systematic Review.

Effectiveness of two-stage versus one-stage injection in reducing discomfort during inferior alveolar nerve block in children

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[Effect of a multidimensional intervention for prevention of falls in the eldery].

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4CPS-069 Impact of implementing a global collaborative physician-pharmacist strategy on prophylactic antibiotic practices in a university hospital centre

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Evaluating interventions to improve child nutrition in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

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The effect of a care program and social support on anxiety level in mothers of late preterm infants in Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran

Why caregivers discontinue applied behavior analysis (ABA) and choose communication-based autism interventions

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A Support Intervention for Family Caregivers of Advanced Cancer Patients

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[Exogenous hydrogen sulfide improves erectile dysfunction by inhibiting apoptosis of corpus cavernosum smooth muscle cells in rats with cavernous nerve injury].

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The Pneumatic Retinopexy versus Vitrectomy for the Management of Primary Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment Outcomes Randomized Trial (PIVOT).

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Impact of Automated Time-released Reminders on Patient Preparedness for Colonoscopy

Impact of an Antipsychotic Discontinuation Bundle During Transitions of Care in Critically Ill Patients

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Evaluating the Impact of Auto-Calculation Settings on Opioid Prescribing at an Academic Medical Center.

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Effect of virtual reality on cognitive intervention in patients with mild cognitive impairment:a systematic review

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Efficacy of acetaminophen with and without oxycodone for analgesia in non-operative treatment of extremity fractures in adults: protocol for a double-blind randomized clinical trial

The Effect of Memorizing the Al Quran on Quality of Life in Stroke Patients With Aphasia Motoric Disorders

Acceptance and Compliance With Micronutrient Powder and Complementary Food Blend Use by Filipino Mothers and Their Promotion by Community Workers

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