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Comparison of surface roughness and color stainability of 3-dimensionally printed interim prosthodontic material with conventionally fabricated and CAD-CAM milled materials.

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Full mouth rehabilitation using fixed partial denture & cast partial denture with attachments and conventional lower denture - A case report

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Comparison of CAD-CAM and traditional chairside processing of 4-unit interim prostheses with and without cantilevers: Mechanics, fracture behavior, and finite element analysis.

Digital Workflow for Double Complete Arch Zirconia Prostheses Utilizing A Novel Scan Body.

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Computer-assisted implant placement and full-arch immediate loading with digitally prefabricated provisional prostheses without cast: a prospective pilot cohort study

The health of soft tissues around four dental implants loaded immediately supporting a 4-year-old fixed screw-retained prosthesis.

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Use of a digitally guided triple technique for bone reduction, implant placement, and immediate interim prostheses in complete-arch implant surgery.

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Comparison of strength of milled and conventionally processed PMMA complete-arch implant-supported immediate interim fixed dental prostheses.

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