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Broadband noise mitigation using coupled Helmholtz resonators: a numerical study

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Spectroscopic, structural and DFT studies of luminescent Pt(II) and Ag(I) complexes with an asymmetric 2,2′-bipyridine chelating ligand

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Thermal mechanical coupling analysis of two-dimensional decagonal quasicrystals with elastic elliptical inclusion

Nd2CaB10O19: A potential self-activated and self-frequency-doubling multifunctional crystal

Exact results for average cluster numbers in bond percolation on infinite-length lattice strips

X-ray, Hirshfeld surfaces analyses, DSC-TGA thermal stability, infrared, and optical properties studies of phenylammonium tetrachlorozincate hydrate (C6H5NH3)2ZnCl4.H2O

Synthetic, spectral, structural and catalytic activity of infinite 3-D and 2-D copper(ii) coordination polymers for substrate size-dependent catalysis for CO2 conversion.

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