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Porosity modulated piezo-triboelectric hybridized nanogenerator for sensing small energy impacts

Ultra-robust and broadband rotary hybridized nanogenerator for self-sustained smart-farming applications

Hybridized nanogenerators for effectively scavenging mechanical and solar energies

Power-generating footwear based on a triboelectric-electromagnetic-piezoelectric hybrid nanogenerator

A fully-packaged ship-shaped hybrid nanogenerator for blue energy harvesting toward seawater self-desalination and self-powered positioning

Natural wind-driven ultra-compact and highly efficient hybridized nanogenerator for self-sustained wireless environmental monitoring system

Design and experimental analysis of a low-frequency resonant hybridized nanogenerator with a wide bandwidth and high output power density

Energy harvesting and wireless power transmission by a hybridized electromagnetic–triboelectric nanogenerator

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All-Direction In-Plane Magnetic Repulsion-Based Self-Powered Arbitrary Motion Sensor and Hybrid Nanogenerator

Cellulose/BaTiO3 aerogel paper based flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators and the electric coupling with triboelectricity

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