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Bio-convective and chemically reactive hybrid nanofluid flow upon a thin stirring needle with viscous dissipation

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A WKB derivation for internal waves generated by a horizontally moving body in a thermocline

Comment on ‘Two blocks connected by a string with variable tension: a dynamic case’

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Audiospatial evoked potentials for the assessment of spatial attention deficits in patients with severe cerebrovascular accidents.

Contrast Sensitivity Testing in Healthy and Blurred Vision Conditions Using a Novel Optokinetic Nystagmus Live-Detection Method

Alpha- and beta- adrenergic receptors regulate inflammatory responses to acute and chronic sleep fragmentation in mice

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The role of cognitive factors and personality traits in the perception of illusory self-motion (vection)

Simulations of stably stratified flow past two spheres at Re = 300

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Study of the Perception of Visual Motion in Children with Anisometropic Amblyopia Using Functional MRI

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Children with cerebral palsy display altered neural oscillations within the visual MT/V5 cortices

Thermodynamic modelling of the lead sintering roasting process

AB013. The effects of monocular deprivation on the Pulfrich phenomenon

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Droplet Mechanical Hand Based on Anisotropic Water Adhesion of Hydrophobic-Superhydrophobic Patterned Surfaces.

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Non-Plate-Tectonic (Autonomous) Folding and Thrusting in the Earth’s Crust

A simple and effective tracking scheme for visible light communication systems

A Simple Target Interception Task as Test for Activities of Daily Life Performance in Older Adults

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