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COVID-19 and Heat Illness in Tokyo, Japan: Implications for the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2021

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Prevention of Occupational Heat-Related Illnesses.

A Preclinical Model of Exertional Heat Stroke in Mice.

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Performance and thermoregulation of Dutch Olympic and Paralympic athletes exercising in the heat: Rationale and design of the Thermo Tokyo study: The journal Temperature toolbox

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Environmental heat-related health symptoms among community in a tropical city.

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Military Personnel Regarding Heat-Related Illness Risk Factors: Results of a Chinese Cross-Sectional Study

Heat Stress-Related Symptoms among Bakery Workers in Lebanon: A National Cross-Sectional Study

Understanding occupational heat exposure in the United States and proposing a quantifying stress index

Heat-Related Emergency Department Visits During the Northwestern Heat Wave — United States, June 2021

Revealing an Integrative Mechanism of Cognition, Emotion, and Heat-Protective Action of Older Adults

Effective Community-Based Interventions for the Prevention and Management of Heat-Related Illnesses: A Scoping Review

Association between income levels and prevalence of heat- and cold-related illnesses in Korean adults

Knowing Well, Being Well: well-being born of understanding: Climate Change & Well-Being: The Role for Health Promotion Professionals

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COVID-19 and heat waves: New challenges for healthcare systems

An Evaluation of Pulse Oximeter Modules In Capturing Photoplethysmography Signals In Order To Fabricate A Monitor To Predict Onset of Exertional Heatstroke

Adherence of Healthcare Workers to Saudi Management Guidelines of Heat-Related Illnesses during Hajj Pilgrimage

Agricultural Professionals’ Perceptions of COVID-19 and Occupational Health and Safety

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An exploratory survey of heat stress management programs in the electric power industry

Public health approach of Unani medicine to cope and stay safe in hot environmental conditions

Thermal Comfort Assessment and Heat-Related Illnesses among Sellers in Periodic Local Markets: A Case Study in Hot and Dry Climate of Iran

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Body Core Temperature Estimation Using New Compartment Model With Vital Data From Wearable Devices

Environmental Heat Exposure Among Pet Dogs in Rural and Urban Settings in the Southern United States

Climate Change & Well-Being: The Role for Health Promotion Professionals

Using GAM regression analysis to identify proper heat-warning thresholds: a population-based observational study

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Heat exposure and the climate change beliefs in a Desert City: The case of Phoenix metropolitan area

Natural Heat-Related Deaths in Florida: 2010-2020

Diagnosis and treatment of patients with heat-related illnesses

Heat-health vulnerabilities in the climate change context—comparing risk profiles between indoor and outdoor workers in developing country settings

Heat-related illnesses in a mass gathering event and the necessity for newer diagnostic criteria: a field study

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Beat the heat: How to become a gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics

Severe heat stroke complicated by multiple cerebral infarctions: a case report

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Threshold determination and temperature trends analysis of Indian cities for effective implementation of an early warning system

Temperature of Paved Streets in Urban Mockups and Its Implication of Reflective Cool Pavements

Long-term spatial-temporal temperature characteristics of a pastoral ecosystem in Kajiado County, Kenya

Machine learning-based mortality prediction model for heat-related illness

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Respiratory diseases, racial disparities, and residential proximity to coal power plants in Wisconsin, USA: a cross-sectional study

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Increasing impacts of temperature on hospital admissions, length of stay, and related healthcare costs in the context of climate change in Adelaide, South Australia.

Social implementation and intervention with estimated morbidity of heat-related illnesses from weather data: A case study from Nagoya City, Japan

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A study on the capacity of a ventilation cooling vest with pressurized air in hot and humid environments

Awareness of heat-related illnesses in population of Saudi Arabia

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Concussion-like symptoms Induced by Heat and Dehydration in a Varsity College Soccer Player: A Case Report

Using Syndromic Surveillance Data to Aid Public Health Actions in Tennessee

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