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A simple and rapid-acting approach for the reduction of C-reactive protein.

Blockade Effects of Anti-Interferon- (IFN-) γ Autoantibodies on IFN-γ-Regulated Antimicrobial Immunity

CP-25 exerts anti-angiogenic effects on a rat model of adjuvant-induced arthritis by promoting GRK2-induced downregulation of CXCR4-ERK1/2 signaling in endothelial cells

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Mucoadhesive thermosensitive hydrogel for the intra-tumoral delivery of immunomodulatory agents, in vivo evidence of adhesion by means of non-invasive imaging techniques.

Inhibition of NADPH Oxidase 4 (NOX4) Signaling Attenuates Tuberculous Pleural Fibrosis

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Heat Killed Mycobacterium