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Knockdown of NON-YELLOW COLORING 1 (NYC1)-like gene or chlorophyllin application enhanced chlorophyll accumulation with antioxidant roles in suppressing heat-induced leaf senescence in perennial ryegrass.

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STAYGREEN-mediated chlorophyll a catabolism is critical for photosystem stability upon heat stress in ryegrass

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Melatonin Pretreatment Confers Heat Tolerance and Repression of Heat-Induced Senescence in Tomato Through the Modulation of ABA- and GA-Mediated Pathways

LpNOL-knockdown Suppression of Heat-induced Leaf Senescence in Perennial Ryegrass Involving Regulation of Amino Acid and Organic Acid Metabolism.

Spermine alleviates heat-induced senescence in creeping bentgrass by regulating water and oxidative balance, photosynthesis, and heat shock proteins

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