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Mapping of rain water harvesting potential at Keduang Sub-watershed, Central Java, Indonesia

Efficiency Rainwater Harvesting at the Roof Campus Buildings

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Water conservation and regional equity: An Energy–Water nexus perspective on how Seoul’s efforts relieve energy burdens on electricity-producing areas

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Producing and storing self-sustaining drinking water from rainwater for emergency response on isolated island.

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Identifying agronomic options for better potato production and conserving water resources in the agro-pastoral ecotone in North China

Design for Harvesting and Treatment of Rainwater in Naval, Biliran

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A Novel Buffer Tank to Attenuate the Peak Flow of Runoff

Suitable Site Selection for Rainwater Harvesting and Storage Case Study Using Dohuk Governorate

Precipitation variations and shifts over time: Implication on Windhoek city water supply

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Rain Use Efficiency in Southern Romania after Using the Device for Soil Modelling in Interrupted Furrows for Weeding Crops -DMBC-5

Towards Productive Cities: Environmental Assessment of the Food‐Energy‐Water Nexus of the Urban Roof Mosaic

Making Rainwater Harvesting a Key Solution for Water Management: The Universality of the Kilimanjaro Concept

Az OFIS Arhitekti nyugaton és keleten: Basket (Kosár) Apartmanház, Párizs

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