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Graded-index fiber on-chip absorption spectroscopy

Managing Self-Phase Modulation in Pseudo-Linear Multimodal and Monomodal Systems

Ultralow-loss fusion splicing between negative curvature hollow-core fibers and conventional SMFs with a reverse-tapering method.

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Conditions for walk-off soliton generation in a multimode fiber

Mechanisms of beam clean up at Raman conversion of multimode radiation in graded-index fibers

Cascaded Generation in Multimode Diode-Pumped Graded-Index Fiber Raman Lasers

Femtosecond nonlinear losses in multimodeoptical fibers

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Sensitivity-enhanced Temperature Sensor Based on Cascaded Polymer-infiltrated Mach-Zehnder Interferometers Created in Graded Index Fibers

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Three Dimensional Particle Tracking in Microstructured Graded Index Fiber

Low-Loss 19 Core Fan-in/Fan-out Device using Reduced-Cladding Graded Index Fibers

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