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A Novel Multi-Preprocessing Integration Method for the Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Wild Medicinal Plants: Gentiana rigescens as an Example


Micro-spectrophotometric determination of nickel in Gentiana rigescens after switchable hydrophilicity solvent-based ultrasound-assisted liquid phase microextraction


The Insulin Receptor: A Potential Target of Amarogentin Isolated from Gentiana rigescens Franch That Induces Neurogenesis in PC12 Cells

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Assessing the impacts of climate change and habitat suitability on the distribution and quality of medicinal plant using multiple information integration: Take Gentiana rigescens as an example


[Geographical distribution and bioclimatic characteristics of the wild Gentiana rigescens resources.]


Assessing Geographical Origin of Gentiana Rigescens Using Untargeted Chromatographic Fingerprint, Data Fusion and Chemometrics


Geographic origin identification and rapid determination of four constituents of Gentiana rigescens by FTIR combined with chemometrics


The trade-off between growth and reproduction in an alpine herbaceous plant along an elevation gradient

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