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Changes in gambling behaviour and related problems in clients seeking help in outpatient addiction care: Results from a 36-month follow-up study in Bavaria.

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Clinical Features of Gambling Disorder Patients with and Without Food Addiction: Gender-Related Considerations

Problem gambling among older people. An Italian study on habits, representations, levels of engagement and psychosocial determinants

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Socio-Demographic Factors, Gambling Behaviour, and the Level of Gambling Expenditure: A Population-Based Study

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Gambling Patterns and Problem Gambling Among Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review

Changes of Gambling Patterns during COVID-19 in Sweden, and Potential for Preventive Policy Changes. A Second Look Nine Months into the Pandemic

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Gambling and self-reported changes in gambling during COVID-19 in web survey respondents in Denmark

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Telephone interviews among a cohort of gambling patients at the time of COVID-19

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