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Fuzzy C sentence examples within means clustering algorithm

Fully automatic brain tumor extraction and tissue segmentation from multimodal MRI brain images

Multi-objective two-stage adaptive robust planning method for an integrated energy system considering load uncertainty

Fuzzy C sentence examples within particle swarm optimization

PSO-based H∞ Fuzzy Control of an Underactuated Robot Using Linear Matrix Inequality

Fault Diagnosis of ZD6 Turnout System Based on Wavelet Transform and GAPSO-FCM

Fuzzy C sentence examples within means clustering method

Determination of Number of Clusters for Fuzzy C-means Maximized with Tsallis Entropy

Impacts of Urbanization on Variations of Extreme Precipitation over the Yangtze River Delta

Fuzzy C sentence examples within interval type 2

High-Speed Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Systems for Dynamic Parameter Adaptation in Harmony Search for Optimal Design of Fuzzy Controllers

Improved Design of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy based Wide Area Power System Stabilizer for Inter-area Oscillation Damping

Fuzzy C sentence examples within adaptive neuro fuzzy

ANFIS control of a shunt active filter based with a five-level NPC inverter to improve power quality

Long short-term memory (LSTM) neural network and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) approach in modeling renewable electricity generation forecasting

Fuzzy C sentence examples within artificial neural network

Design of Intelligent Integrated Simulation for Marine Electric Propulsion System

Development of a method for assessment and forecasting of the radio electronic environment

Fuzzy C sentence examples within evaluation index system

Study on Health Level Evaluation of Higher Education Based on AHP-NBM Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model

Application of Fuzzy Evaluation in Comprehensive Quality Evaluation of Higher Education Students

Fuzzy C sentence examples within k means clustering

Comprehensive Evaluation of Urban Economic Development in Yangtze River Delta Based on Cluster-Principal Component Analysis

An Effective Collaborative User Model Using Hybrid Clustering Recommendation Methods

Fuzzy C sentence examples within convolutional neural network

Medical Image Segmentation And Classification On Efficiently Fused Image Using Fast Fuzzy C Means Algorithm And Convolutional Neural Network

Deep learning approach to skin layers segmentation in inflammatory dermatoses.

Fuzzy C sentence examples within support vector machine

Forecasting and uncertainty analysis of day-ahead photovoltaic power using a novel forecasting method

A Simplified Approach for Melanoma Skin Disease Identification

Fuzzy C sentence examples within multi criteria decision

A hybrid fuzzy COPRAS-base-criterion method for multi-criteria decision making

Risk Evaluation of Electric Power Grid Enterprise Related to Electricity Transmission and Distribution Tariff Regulation Employing a Hybrid MCDM Model

Fuzzy C sentence examples within triangular fuzzy number

Risk assessment of offshore wave-wind-solar-compressed air energy storage power plant through fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model

A Direct Approach to Compute Triangular Fuzzy Banzhaf Values of Cooperative Games With Coalitions’ Values Represented by Triangular Fuzzy Numbers

Fuzzy C sentence examples within radial basis function

Hybrid firefly algorithm-RNN technique based active filter for PQ enhancement

Apache Spark based kernelized fuzzy clustering framework for single nucleotide polymorphism sequence analysis

Fuzzy C sentence examples within fuzzy inference system

Study on emission fuzzy control of ether dimethyl-diesel engine by Avl-fire

Development of Progressive Fuzzy Logic and ANFIS Control for Energy Management of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Fuzzy C sentence examples within fixed point theorem

Rational Fuzzy Cone Contractions on Fuzzy Cone Metric Spaces with an Application to Fredholm Integral Equations

Application of Fixed Point in Algebra Fuzzy Normed Spaces

Fuzzy C sentence examples within multi objective optimization

Fuzzy Programming of Dual Recycling Channels of Sustainable Multi-objective Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) based on Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Theory

Artillery structural dynamic responses optimization based on Stackelberg game method

Fuzzy C sentence examples within fuzzy membership function

A Hybrid Robust ANFIS Based on Noise Fuzzy Clustering

Feature selection by a distance measure method of subnormal and non-convex fuzzy sets

Fuzzy C sentence examples within type 2 fuzzy

The longitudinal research of type-2 fuzzy sets domain: From conceptual structure and knowledge diffusion perspectives

Cloud-based intrusion detection using kernel fuzzy clustering and optimal type-2 fuzzy neural network

Fuzzy C sentence examples within fuzzy analytic hierarchy

Stream processing data decision model for higher environmental performance and resilience in sustainable logistics infrastructure

Fuzzy collaborative intelligence fuzzy analytic hierarchy process approach for selecting suitable three-dimensional printers

Fuzzy C sentence examples within fuzzy logic system

Fuzzy logic control of a catalytic naphtha unit

Adaptive Prescribed Performance Control of A Flexible-Joint Robotic Manipulator With Dynamic Uncertainties.

Fuzzy C sentence examples within closed loop system

Observer-Based Fuzzy Adaptive Finite-Time Containment Control of Nonlinear Multiagent Systems With Input Delay

Dissipativity analysis and synthesis for positive Roesser systems under the switched mechanism and Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy rules

Fuzzy C sentence examples within input single output

Desain dan Simulasi Dual Input Single Output Buck Converter dengan Kontrol Fuzzy

Energy Management Control of Fuel Cell Electric Bus Basing on Fuzzy Rule

Fuzzy C sentence examples within entropy weight method

Environmental Risk Assessment of Subway Station Construction to Achieve Sustainability Using the Intuitionistic Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process and Set Pair Analysis

An Integrated Energy System Evaluation Method Based on FAHP-EWM-TOPSIS

Fuzzy C sentence examples within energy storage system

Energy Storage Auxiliary Frequency Modulation Control Strategy Considering ACE and SOC of Energy Storage

Power Distribution Strategy for an Electric Bus with a Hybrid Energy Storage System

Fuzzy C sentence examples within machine learning technique

Proceedings of International Conference on Communication, Circuits, and Systems: IC3S 2020

Improving signal detection accuracy at FC of a CRN using machine learning and fuzzy rules

Fuzzy C sentence examples within event triggered adaptive

Event-triggered adaptive fuzzy control for switched nonlinear systems with state constraints

Adaptive Event-triggered Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems based Command Filtering

Fuzzy C sentence examples within image segmentation algorithm

Variational level set and fuzzy clustering for enhanced thermal image segmentation and damage assessment

Research on Local Feature Intelligent Extraction Algorithm of Blurred Image Under Complex Illumination Conditions

Fuzzy C sentence examples within sliding mode control

FSM trajectory tracking controllers of OB-AUV in the horizontal plane

Research on Sliding Mode Control and Fuzzy Control Strategies of Motor Drive System for New Energy Vehicles

Fuzzy C sentence examples within fuzzy time series

Building fuzzy time series model from unsupervised learning technique and genetic algorithm

Pythagorean fuzzy time series model based on Pythagorean fuzzy c-means and improved Markov weighted in the prediction of the new COVID-19 cases

Fuzzy C sentence examples within local spatial information

Knowledge-based transfer fuzzy clustering with non-local spatial information for surface roughness measurement

Efficient entropy-based spatial fuzzy c-means method for spectral unmixing of hyperspectral image

Fuzzy C sentence examples within interval valued intuitionistic

Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Generalised Bonferroni Mean Operators for Multi-attribute Decision Making

Notes on Bipolar Interval Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Space

Fuzzy C sentence examples within machine learning method

Recognition of Technical Action Types Based on Main Frequency of Hitting Sound Spectrum of Elite Badminton Players

COVID-19 Infected Lung Computed Tomography Segmentation and Supervised Classification Approach

Fuzzy C sentence examples within fuzzy neural network

Research on tool control system of double cutters experimental platform based on fuzzy neural network predictive control

Research on obstacle avoidance algorithm for unmanned ground vehicle based on multi-sensor information fusion.

Fuzzy C sentence examples within finite time adaptive

Prescribed-performance based finite-time adaptive fuzzy control for PV inverter in islanded systems

Finite-Time Stabilization-Based Adaptive Fuzzy Control Design

Fuzzy C sentence examples within nonlinear multi agent

Adaptive fuzzy containment control for nonlinear multi-agent systems with input delay

Fuzzy Finite-time Consensus Control for Nonlinear Second-order Multi-agent Systems with Disturbances by Integral Sliding Mode

Fuzzy C sentence examples within steady state error

An Improved Vibration Controller for Precision Manufacture Based on Youla Parametrization and Fuzzy Logic

Position Control of a Biomimetic IPMC Underwater Propulsor

Fuzzy C sentence examples within machine learning algorithm

Fuzzy Controller Depends on a Dynamic Intelligent System in order to Prevent the Hypotension during the Dialysis.

Automatic Classification of Winding Asymmetries in Wound Rotor Induction Motors based on Bicoherence and Fuzzy C-Means Algorithms of Stray Flux Signals

Fuzzy C sentence examples within risk assessment model

Ecotourism risk assessment in Yaoluoping Nature Reserve, Anhui, China based on GIS

Risk assessment of physical and chemical analysis laboratory based on the laboratory risk assessment model

Fuzzy C sentence examples within active contour model

Human Body Model Bone Extraction Algorithm Based On Space Segmentation and Computer Image

A Novel Coarse-to-Fine Sea-Land Segmentation Technique Based on Superpixel Fuzzy C-Means Clustering and Modified Chan-Vese Model

Fuzzy C sentence examples within active disturbance rejection

Application of fuzzy active disturbance rejection control in stable imaging

Output Feedback Recursive Dynamic Surface Control with Antiwindup Compensation

Fuzzy C sentence examples within unsupervised machine learning

Identifying clinical clusters with distinct trajectories in first-episode psychosis through an unsupervised machine learning technique

Unsupervised Learning for Product Use Activity Recognition: An Exploratory Study of a “Chatty Device”

Fuzzy C sentence examples within deep neural network

Remote sensing image segmentation based on the fuzzy deep convolutional neural network

Deep soft clustering: simultaneous deep embedding and soft-partition clustering

Fuzzy C sentence examples within q rung orthopair

Novel fusion strategies for continuous interval-valued q-rung orthopair fuzzy information: a case study in quality assessment of SmartWatch appearance design

Geometric-arithmetic energy and atom bond connectivity energy of dual hesitant q-rung orthopair fuzzy graphs

Fuzzy C sentence examples within risk evaluation index

A Real Estate Risk Evaluation Model Based on Control Theory

Construction and Analysis of Green Investment Risk Evaluation Index System Based on Information Entropy Fuzzy Hierarchical Analysis Model

Fuzzy C sentence examples within group decision making

Fuzzy best-worst method and its application in initial water rights allocation

Risk Assessment of a Cryogenic Globe Valve by Using Combined Group Decision and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Fuzzy C sentence examples within mean clustering method

RecPOID: POI Recommendation with Friendship Aware and Deep CNN

Adaptive neuro‐fuzzy inference systems (ANFIS) controller design on single‐phase full‐bridge inverter with a cascade fractional‐order PID voltage controller

Fuzzy C sentence examples within means clustering technique

Analysis and classification of kidney ultrasound images using SIFT features with neural network classifier

Spinning reserve scheduling in power systems containing wind and solar generations

Fuzzy C sentence examples within direct torque control

Advanced Fuzzy 12 DTC Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Optimal Power Extraction in Wind Turbine System under Random Wind Conditions

An Improved Direct Torque Control Topology of a Double Stator Machine Using the Fuzzy Logic Controller

Fuzzy C sentence examples within selection evaluation model

Model construction for field operation machinery selection and configuration in wheat-maize double cropping system

The Choice of Best Summer Job Based on Improved Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Fuzzy C sentence examples within magnetic resonance imaging

Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm-Based Magnetic Resonance Imaging Image Segmentation for Analyzing the Effect of Edaravone on the Vascular Endothelial Function in Patients with Acute Cerebral Infarction

Optimized Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm-Based Coronal Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanning in Tracheal Foreign Bodies of Children

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