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Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within fluorescence resonance energy

FRET-based fluorescent nanoprobe platform for sorting of active microorganisms by functional properties.

An enzyme-free FRET nanoprobe for ultrasensitive ketamine detection based on ATP-fueled target recycling

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within resonance energy transfer

Ratiometric theranostic nanoprobe for pH imaging-guided photodynamic therapy.

Engineering Self-Calibrating Nanoprobes with Two-Photon-Activated Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer for Ratiometric Imaging of Biological Selenocysteine.

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within Ratiometric Fluorescent Nanoprobe

A fluorescent nanoprobe based on cell-penetrating peptides and quantum dots for ratiometric monitoring of pH fluctuation in lysosomes.

Ratiometric fluorescent sensing for phosphate based on Eu/Ce/UiO-66-(COOH)2 nanoprobe.

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within Novel Fluorescent Nanoprobe

One-step hydrothermal synthesis of ultrabright water-soluble silicon nanoparticles for folate-receptor-mediated bioimaging

Tumor-Activatable Clinical Nanoprobe for Cancer Imaging

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within Viable Fluorescent Nanoprobe

Highly fluorescent carbon dots as an efficient nanoprobe for detection of clomifene citrate

Colorimetric and fluorimetric (dual-mode) nanoprobe for the determination of pyrogallol based on the complexation with copper(II)- and nitrogen-doped carbon dots

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within Responsive Fluorescent Nanoprobe

Visualization of O2/ATP cross-talk in living cells with a smart fluorescent nanoprobe.

Fluorometric detection of cancer marker FEN1 based on double-flapped dumbbell DNA nanoprobe functionalized with silver nanoclusters.

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within Activatable Fluorescent Nanoprobe

In-situ growth of cobalt oxyhydroxide on graphitic-phase C3N4 nanosheets for fluorescence turn-on detection and imaging of ascorbic acid in living cells

An Activatable NIR-II Nanoprobe for In Vivo Early Real-Time Diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury.

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within New Fluorescent Nanoprobe

A paper-based visualization chip based on nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots nanoprobe for Hg(Ⅱ) detection.

A fluorescent nanoprobe based on azoreductase-responsive metal-organic frameworks for imaging VEGF mRNA under hypoxic conditions.

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within Effective Fluorescent Nanoprobe

Structurally defined polythiophene-based nanoprobe for selective Cu2+ detection in living cells

Evaluating glucose and mannose profiles in Candida species using quantum dots conjugated with Cramoll lectin as fluorescent nanoprobes.

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within Sensitive Fluorescent Nanoprobe

Highly Fluorescent N-Doped Carbon Quantum Dots Derived from Bamboo Stems for Selective Detection of Fe3+ Ions in Biological Systems.

Simple, one step and sensitive fluorescent nanoprobe for simultaneous detection of Pb2+ and Cu2+ based on pincer enzyme strand and signal amplification strategy

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within Color Fluorescent Nanoprobe

A lanthanide-based magnetic nanosensor as an erasable and visible platform for multi-color point-of-care detection of multiple targets and the potential application by smartphone.

An aptamer-based four-color fluorometic method for simultaneous determination and imaging of alpha-fetoprotein, vascular endothelial growth factor-165, carcinoembryonic antigen and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 in living cells

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within Multicolor Fluorescent Nanoprobe

Monitoring the Activation of Caspases-1/3/4 for Describing the Pyroptosis Pathways of Cancer Cells.

Real-Time in Situ Visualizing of the Sequential Activation of Caspase Cascade Using a Multicolor Gold-Selenium Bonding Fluorescent Nanoprobe.

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within Ius Fluorescent Nanoprobe

Ultra-homogeneous NIR-II fluorescent self-assembled nanoprobe with AIE properties for photothermal therapy of prostate cancer.

NIR-II Fluorescent Biodegradable Nanoprobes for Precise Acute Kidney/Liver Injury Imaging and Therapy.

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within Selective Fluorescent Nanoprobe

Nanoceria surface: the most sensitive redox-triggered one step nano-amplifier for fluorescence signal of ochratoxin A

Tailoring the surface coordination of nitrogen doped nano titania to design -A specific fluorescence signal amplification probe for ochratoxin A detection

Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples within fluorescent nanoprobe consisting

A ratiometric fluorescent nanoprobe consisting of ssDNA-templated silver nanoclusters for detection of histidine/cysteine, and the construction of combinatorial logic circuits

CdTe quantum dots coated with a molecularly imprinted polymer for fluorometric determination of norfloxacin in seawater

An Au-Se nanoprobe for the evaluation of the invasive potential of breast cancer cells via imaging the sequential activation of uPA and MMP-2.

Silver nanoflowers-enhanced Tb(III)/La(III) co-luminescence for the sensitive detection of dopamine

CdSe/ZnS quantum dots coated with carboxy-PEG and modified with the terbium(III) complex of guanosine 5′-monophosphate as a fluorescent nanoprobe for ratiometric determination of arsenate via its inhibition of acid phosphatase activity

4-Mercaptobenzoic acid capped terbium(III)-doped CaF2 nanocrystals: a fluorescent probe for nitroaromatic pollutants

Synthesis of PEGylated Salicylaldehyde Azine via Metal-free Click Chemistry for Cellular Imaging Applications

A folic acid-sensitive polyfluorene based “turn-off” fluorescence nanoprobe for folate receptor overexpressed cancer cell imaging

More Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples

Rapid Preparation of Au-Se-Peptide Nanoprobe Based on a Freezing Method for Bioimaging.

A photo-triggered conjugation approach for attaching RGD ligands to biodegradable mesoporous silica nanoparticles for the tumor fluorescent imaging.

Synthesis of fluorescent tungsten disulfide by nitrogen atom doping and its application for mercury(II) detection

Design of a Simple and Practical Nanosystem Coordinates Tumor Targeting and Penetration for Improved Theranostics

Rhomboidal Pt(II) metallacycle-based NIR-II theranostic nanoprobe for tumor diagnosis and image-guided therapy

A “turn off-on” fluorescent nanoprobe consisting of CuInS2 quantum dots for determination of the activity of β-glucosidase and for inhibitor screening

Fluorometric determination of sulfadiazine by using molecularly imprinted poly(methyl methacrylate) nanobeads doped with manganese(II)-doped ZnS quantum dots

Selective fluorometric determination of sulfadiazine based on the growth of silver nanoparticles on graphene quantum dots

More Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples

Fluorescent nanoprobes for the sensing of gasotransmitters hydrogen sulfide (H2S), nitric oxide (NO) and carbon monoxide (CO).

A fluorescent nanoprobe based on HgS/ZnS core/shell quantum dots for in-situ rapid visual detection of Cr3+

Visualization of endogenous hydrogen sulfide in living cells based on Au nanorods@silica enhanced fluorescence.

Non enzymatic fluorometric determination of glucose by using quenchable g-C3N4 quantum dots

More Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples

An improved class of fluorescent silica nanoparticles for indirect immunofluorescence detection of MCF-7 cells

A carbon dot-based fluorescent nanoprobe for the associated detection of iron ions and the determination of the fluctuation of ascorbic acid induced by hypoxia in cells and in vivo.

Accelerated DNAzyme-based fluorescent nanoprobe for highly sensitive microRNA detection in live cells.

More Fluorescent Nanoprobe sentence examples

L-cysteine and poly-L-arginine grafted carboxymethyl cellulose/Ag-In-S quantum dot fluorescent nanohybrids for in vitro bioimaging of brain cancer cells.

A single-shot diagnostic platform based on copper nanoclusters coated with cetyl trimethylammonium bromide for determination of carbamazepine in exhaled breath condensate

A non-conjugated polyethylenimine copolymer-based unorthodox nanoprobe for bioimaging and related mechanism exploration.

CdTe quantum dots coated with a molecularly imprinted polymer for fluorometric determination of norfloxacin in seawater

γ-Aminobutyric acid-modified graphene oxide as a highly selective and low-toxic fluorescent nanoprobe for relay recognition of copper(II) and cysteine

Biomineralization synthesis of a near-infrared fluorescent nanoprobe for direct glucose sensing in whole blood.

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