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Immuno-gold silver staining assays on capillary-driven microfluidics for the detection of malaria antigens

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Controlling Surface Chemical Heterogeneities of Ultrasmall Fluorescent Core–Shell Silica Nanoparticles as Revealed by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

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One-pot synthesis of carbon dots co-doped with N and S: high quantum yield governed by molecular state and fluorescence detection of Ag+

A general concept for white light emission formation from two complementary colored luminescent dyes

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High-Performance Chromatographic Characterization of Surface Chemical Heterogeneities of Fluorescent Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Core-Shell Silica Nanoparticles.

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Ultrasmall Core-Shell Silica Nanoparticles for Precision Drug Delivery in a High-Grade Malignant Brain Tumor Model

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Periphery Decorated and Core Initiated Neutral and Polyanionic Borane large molecules: Forthcoming and Promising properties for medicinal applications.

Molecular phenotyping and image-guided surgical treatment of melanoma using spectrally distinct ultrasmall core-shell silica nanoparticles

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β-Glucan Grafted Microcapsule, a Tool for Studying the Immunomodulatory Effect of Microbial Cell Wall Polysaccharides.

Spatial separation of a TADF sensitizer and fluorescent emitter with a core-dendron system to block the energy loss in deep blue organic light-emitting diodes

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Imaging mitochondria and plasma membrane in live cells using solvatochromic styrylpyridines.

Versatile fluorophores for bioimaging applications: π-expanded naphthalimide derivatives with skeletal and appendage diversity.

A fluorescent nanoparticle probe based on sugar-substituted tetraphenylethene for label-free detection of galectin-3.

Design and Synthesis of Core–Shell Carbon Polymer Dots with Highly Stable Fluorescence in Polymeric Materials

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Quantitative Comparison of Dye and Ultrasmall Fluorescent Silica Core–Shell Nanoparticle Probes for Optical Super-Resolution Imaging of Model Block Copolymer Thin Film Surfaces

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Multifunctional magneto-fluorescent NiZnFe@CdS core-shell nanostructures for multimodal applications

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A New Infrared Probe Targeting Mitochondria via Regulation of Molecular Hydrophobicity.

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Fluorescein ether-ester dyes for labeling of fluorinated methacrylate nanoparticles

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