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Optical visualization and imaging of nanomaterials

Evaluation of autofluorescence visualization system in the delineation of oral squamous cell carcinoma surgical margins.

Closed bipolar electrode based fluorescence visualization biosensor for anti-interference detection of T-2 toxin.

A localized glyco-editing probe for revelation of protein-specific glycan function

Exsolution effects in CO2 huff-n-puff enhanced oil recovery: Water-Oil-CO2 three phase flow visualization and measurements by micro-PIV in micromodel

Comprehensive Review of Fluorescence Applications in Gynecology

Trifunctional Graphene Quantum Dot@LDH Integrated Nanoprobes for Visualization Therapy of Gastric Cancer.

The Fold-Illuminator: A low-cost, portable, and disposable incubator-illuminator device

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Fluorescence Visualization